Calling Dutch pre-workout enthusiasts!

We’ve got an exciting project underway – the development of a cutting-edge pre-workout supplement, and we’re inviting you to be part of our exclusive sensory panel.

Why Join Our Sensory Panel?

As a panel member, you’ll get a sneak peek at our new pre-workout formula and a chance to influence its development. Your input is crucial in ensuring it meets the expectations of fitness enthusiasts like you.

Are you a fit for our sensory panel?

We’re seeking individuals who:

  1. Live in The Netherlands:
  2. Know Pre-workout: Familiar with pre-workout supplements? Your experience is invaluable.
  3. Offer Honest Feedback: We value your opinion on taste, effectiveness, and overall satisfaction.

Ready to Join?

If you meet the criteria, apply for our sensory panel by completing a brief survey HERE. Your responses will help us determine your suitability.

Thank you for your interest! Together, we’ll create an outstanding pre-workout product.

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It looks like we’ve run into a little snag with the platform hosting our survey today (September 12, 2023). If you’re interested in participating, please check back later in the day, it should be working then :sparkles:

Could I also take part if the country of residence was Germany?

New product is a pre-workout? :face_exhaling:
That’s so unexciting… I hope your still researching some other products as well.

Yeah sadly thought so too. I mean JJ is all about nutritionally complete food. I don’t really see how a pre-workout would fit in there. But let’s wait and see what they can come up with

Looking at what other brands are doing, it looks the market (or what they’re think is their market) is going in that direction.

As an Astronaut I received a survey for a new “mystery product” which I won’t reveal. But if they indeed are working on that, I forgive them if they’re doing that pre-workout thing as well if they want :sweat_smile:

But pleaaaaaaaase, more Plenny Drink flavors too.

hey Marba! we are sorry, it is only for people in the Netherlands.

@Mr.Floppy haha thanks for keeping the mystery for the rest of the people!

Currently, we’re actively working on multiple projects geared towards expanding our selection of meals (and snacks :shushing_face:). The pre-workout is specifically for our active customer, designed to support them in optimizing their workout routines and performance. But that doesn’t mean we are any less focused on the nutritionally complete meals.
I want to reassure everyone that we’re fully committed to improving our Plenny Drink and increasing the range of flavours :nerd_face: