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So, are you saying that the number listed includes the potassium that the ingredients contain and not just the potassium added via the mineral mix?

Thank you very much, I made sure it landed on the right desks, fingers crossed for the future releases.


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Hey @Dia! the values in the micronutrient table are for the micromix content. 400mg of potassium corresponds to the amount provided by the micromix.

I now have two responses but still no answer to my original question about the total potassium content. If you want to keep it a secret, you can just say so.

my bad, I just answered your last question. Based on the latest analysis, the Plenny Bar has 614mg of potassium. We’re currently reevaluating the vitamin and mineral content in our meals, which will be reflected in an updated micronutrient table.

Thank you. I hope you don’t end up reducing the amount of potassium. I’d like to get 1600 mg in a day based on this study: Dietary potassium and stroke-associated mortality. A 12-year prospective population study - PubMed, but I also like to eat something else (unhealthy) in addition to Plenny Bars.

thanks for sharing this study with us! we will have a look at it :nerd_face: We are actually planning to increase it, so no worries! :sparkles:

The micronutrient I care most about is Vitamin C. It would be great if you could increase the amount of it in your products.

Other nice additions would be ubiquinone (Q10), and alpha lipoic acid. And maybe also a higher content of zinc, biotine and niacine.

If economics were not a problem for new product development, what would the team at JimmyJoy be interested in developing?

+1 on salty bars.

I would have loved to be able to give a taste to the pizza flavour before it got exterminated (sorry, not native English speaker so this is the word I can think of) but if pizza is not an option, maybe a cream and onion, Doritos or chilli flavour could be a good option.

After all, people heated the pizza flavour because of the texture, not because of the flavour itself.


Noted! we will check them out and evaluate the possibility of having them in our meals.

:sparkles:We’d aim high and create an extraordinary super-antioxidant meal :sparkles:
This remarkable meal would be crafted to stop oxidation, therefore slowing down the ageing process and mitigating age-related diseases and conditions by using the power of antioxidants. We’d ensure it’s backed by scientific evidence (with all the money, we would be able to conduct our clinical trials :face_holding_back_tears:), and offer different versions to suit individual preferences.

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Any ETA for new Bars or Drinks?
I hate to make a really big order only to find out a couple days later that new flavors just dropped :sweat_smile:

I know you can’t say specifically, but something like “really soon” or “still several months away” would help :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Any ETA for new Bars or Drinks?

Not in the next weeks for sure, we’re launching a new Plenny Pot flavour shortly and something new is planned for end of December that I can not get into yet :wink:

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Thanks for the honesty. Appreciated :wink:

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Why do almost all flavours contain “the real thing” in powdered form with the single exception of coffee? In the ingredients list only caffeine, but no coffee powder is mentioned. How can anything taste linke something that it does not contain? This does not seem to be an authentic flavour. Just why did you make that decision?

We consider several factors including taste, texture, nutrition, and how well the ingredients blend. In the case of our Coffee flavour, we found that adding caffeine instead of real coffee powder gave us the desired flavour and also the perk of caffeine that many coffee lovers enjoy. While we strive for authenticity in our flavours, we also have to balance that with creating a product that’s enjoyable, nutritious, and easy to consume. I hope this answers your question. If you have any more queries, feel free to ask! :green_heart:

It’s just weird if the taste does not fit to the flavour description. If something does not look as what it is supposed to be, as it does not have the color of the “real thing” it also compromises the taste experience. Optics do have a role in flavour perception.

Did the Lemon Pie flavour become a permanent flavour? (since it doesn’t say “limited edition” anymore in the menu) :pray: :crossed_fingers:

Yes they sent out an email that it’s permanent now