Caramel sea salt shake aaAA!?

Is this flavor gonna stay or is it black friday exclusive? :open_mouth::hushed::astonished: @customer_support


It’s here for good!!! :smiley:


WOOOHOO!! Gotta try!

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I like the Caramel Sea Salt bars and already ordered a bag of the shake.
If it is anything like the bars it will become one of my favourit flavours.

Just one tiny request: could you update the Ingredients Info on the product page and replace the now gone Chai Latte with the Caramel Sea Salt Info?
Or post the Info here?

(I hope it’s ok to post this in a solved, related thread)


We hope it will be your new fav! Let us know what you think about it.
Yes, the updating of that page is on the developers’ desks at the moment, this should be sorted shortly. Thanks for noting it!



It’s indeed one of my favourite shake flavours.
After two sips, when you get used to it and know what to expect, it’s really great.
The first two sips it tasted as it was a bit to much on the salty side but after getting used to it i think the balance is almost perfect for me.
I would say it’s in shared 2nd place on my ranking with chocolat

  1. Coffee
  2. Chocolat/Caramel Sea Salt
  3. Banana