NEW Flavours Plenny Bar v2.0! (post your feedback here on hazelnut/Coffee and Almond & Fig)

So I got to try out the new flavours with my last order. And here is my full and honest review.

Almond & Fig v6 & v11
First of all, I couldn’t tell the difference between the two bars. Regardless, I did love them. I’m a sucker for both almonds and figs, so it’s not really a surprise that I enjoyed the flavours. It even affected my brain psychologically, to make me feel fuller than I actually was, even after just half a bar. I think it’s due to it’s heavier consistency and the fact that there were actual pieces of almonds in the bar.

Hazelnut Coffee v16
Oh geez… This could’ve been so good. I mean, come on. Hazelnut? Good. Coffee? GOOD! Hazelnut & Coffee bar? Eeeeeh. No… It just tasted dry and stale. As if someone made this amazing protein bar, put a lot of love into the creation, opened the package, and then left it on the counter for a month. That’s the only way I can describe it really. I do feel that with a little bit more tinkering, this too could become an amazing choice.

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Thanks for the honest feedback! We will gather all feedback and see how we can improve :slight_smile:

I got all 3 bars in my recent box so will give feedback as I try them!

First up today is the Fig & Almond bar V6.

Really enjoying it so far. Love the texture of the almonds, it really adds a lot to the bar. The addition of raisins would make it absolute perfect for me, but I realise this wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste. I think it does need a little more sweetness, but other than that I really like it.

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Oh I love the idea of adding raisins to the bars! But like Superconnected mentioned. Might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

I also got the Hazelnut Coffee V16 and Fig & Almond V6, here’s my feedback:

Hazelnut Coffee V16
It’s pretty similar to the chocolate bar, pretty dry and overall ok-ish. I probably wouldn’t order it as there are better alternatives.

Fig & Almond V6
Simply amazing. It’s so good, I wish I had more of them! Having whole nuts in the bar is great and the bar wasn’t dry at all. For sure my all-time favorite so far, even better than Caramel Sea Salt! Shared a bit of the bar with a friend of mine, he was really impressed as well.

Keep up the great work!

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Almond & Fig v6
Good! the chunks was unexpected but good! We liked that it didn’t felt so dry! Didn’t feel spot-on thou, but again, it is a good bar!

Almond & Fig v11
Even better than v6. Maybe slighty more fig would be nice? I at least feels like some tweaking could make it even better. Good work!

Hazelnut Coffee v16
Was hyped about this, but was very dissapointed. Initial smell was nice, but it just tasted like slighty burnt coffe. After the whole bar, the taste was not pleasant. Would never but this bar.

Ranking compared to the other v2 bars from us;
Almond & Fig v11
Almond & Fig v6
Caramel Sea Salt
Chocolate (Would love a better chocolate bar in the future!)
Hazelnut Coffee v16

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I really like the almond & fig bars, the v11 a bit more than the v6, but both are very nice

(I thought the v11 was a little less sweet, but maybe I am just imagining it…)

about the coffee v16 bar:
I do not like the taste of coffee in general, so not for me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I just finished the coffee and hazelnut V16 and my thoughts are that the coffee flavour isn’t really coming through enough. The texture is a little dry too, especially compared to the other new test bars we’ve had.

How about adding real hazelnuts, like in the almond and fig bars? I think that would elevate it immensely and allow the flavour focus of the bar itself to be more on the coffee, with the real hazelnuts taking care of the nut flavour and adding some variety in the texture.

I got 2 bars with my last order, my experience was very similar to the OP:

Hazelnut Coffee v16
Main point of improvement is the texture of this bar. It was quite dry and therefore it actually took me multiple minutes to finish it. Taste was okay, I am not a coffee person tho so I would generally order another flavour anyway.

Almond & Fig v6
This bar was excellent, both flavour and texture were good. Once I removed the package I could already tell that this bar would be much more pleasant to eat.

I would suggest to add the ingredient that is responsible for the texture of the Almond & Fig bar also to your other bars. It makes it much more pleasant to consume the bar. I received a pizza flavoured bar once before and it had the same dry texture as the Hazulnut bar.

Almond & Fig v11 tastes really good and I like the texture. I’ll probably switch to ordering mainly this if you make it generally available.

I’m not a huge fan of the Hazelnut Coffee v16 though. But that might be because I’m not a huge fan of the coffee flavour in food in general.

Only tried Almond & Fig v6 so far, and I loved it!

Tastes really balanced, not too sweet, so it makes a perfect lunch.

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Hello, I tried the Hazelnut Coffee today, having high expectations after the current v2 that I really enjoyed (it was my first time ordering a bar from you, usually I only order shakes).

And… it was not good. As other have mentioned, the coffee taste feels more like burned coffee taste, not that pleasant. And the hazelnut, I did not find it. So I looked at the ingredients list, and did not find it either, which would explain why I can’t taste it. So this one is disappointing.

I see there are cashew nuts instead of hazelnuts, and while I really love cashews, I think they have a better place with chocolate instead of coffee, and maybe bigger chunks. But that would be another bar entirely.

Regarding coffee and hazelnuts, I’m in with others that suggested less burnt coffee taste and real hazelnuts chunks.

And now I’m wondering how a matcha bar would taste… interesting idea :wink:

I’ll be back when I taste the Almond and Fig. Thanks :slight_smile:

A bit late but hereby my feedback on the recent sample of new Plenny Bar v2.0 flavours.

Almond & Fig v6
Easily my favourite, both in terms of flavour and consistency. Loads of crunchy almonds in a juicy (moist) ‘dough’ and that makes it very pleasant to eat. Would order it immediately.

Almond & Fig v11
Also good but not as good as the v6. You do notice the lower amount of almonds. Would probably order, as I still like the freshness of fruit in a bar and because of the fact that it’s a big/great variation on the current flavours.

Hazelnut Coffee v16.
Still don’t like it (a couple of weeks ago I also tried the earlier version), both in terms of flavour and consistency. It’s too dry in my opinion and it doesn’t contain enough hazelnuts. The list of ingredients doesn’t mention hazelnuts (nor a percentage); instead it says cashew nuts in bold letters but also without a percentage. I guess a mistake. Anyways, personally, I wouldn’t order.


Took me a while but I finally got around to trying the 2 new flavors of Plenny Bars I got with my last order.

Almond and Fig V6 & V11:
Loved it, the chunks of almond in it were definitely a pleasant surprise. I felt the V11 was a bit sweeter, leveling out the bitterness of the almonds better. So I prefer V11 over V6. V11 tasted a bit more like figs as well.

Coffee and Hazelnut V16:
Seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I actually like this one even better than the Almond and Figs one. Maybe because I’ve always likes hazelnuts more than almonds, but the flavor is amazing. Very subtle coffee flavor that transitions more to a hazelnut flavor when you chew. Texture wise I like this bar more than the Almond and Fig one, although both textures are pleasant.

Finally tasted the Almond and Fig. V6 is by far my favorite! I would buy it again for sure! It was really good and tasty.

Regarding v11, it tasted more salty and the oats felt like crispy rice which is not bad but again I preferred the v6.

In fact, I think v6 tastes more like “Almond and figs”, while v11 tastes more like “Fig and almonds”.