Hazelnut Coffee Bar - V16

Really pleasant taste, not too sweet either and carries through to the aftertaste.
I’d happily replace chocolate for this one :grinning:

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Nice crunchy texture, easy to chew, not as tough as the vanilla and not as dry as the pizza. Flavour is on point, although I am not a coffee lover I still like the taste and would also replace the chocolate one for this anytime. (Chocolate flavour isn’t good at all to be honest.) I would like to have a bit more hazelnut than coffee maybe. I think people who enjoy coffee will love this bar.


I find the coffee taste very subtle when beginning, it gets more pronounced along the way, which I think is a good thing.
I like the crunchyness and it’s not too sticky, it doesn’t take too long to chew until it’s ready to swallow. The hazelnut taste could be a little more accentuated imo.
My two cents… :blush:

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I received two sample bars with my order today. A coffee bar and the almond fig bar. The almond fig bar was amazing. Way better than the older vanilla and chocolate bar. I’m addicted to coffee, but I really really didn’t like the coffee bar. I felt like I was eating dried residu from a coffee filter or something.

I am a bit disappointed - last week, just after receiving an email about free unreleased Plenny Bars, I have ordered 3 boxes, but I have not received any bars to try. :frowning:

I love the idea of a hazelnut coffee bar - but I instantly tasted the artificial flavor of the hazelnut :slightly_frowning_face: if you could use real hazelnuts in some way instead of cashews I would be happy.
Though I understand if it isn’t wanted because of the allergic potential of hazelnuts that would be in other products (?) just guessing, don’t think you did this for money sake.

Thanks for the 3 bars nonetheless :heart: