PlennyBar tier list!

So I have tried all the current flavours and this is my tier list:

Salty caramel

Fig (the space above is intentional and should probably be bigger :wink: )

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Well, here’s mine quite different!

  1. Vanilla
  2. Salty caramel (almost 1…!)
  3. Fig almonds
  4. Chocolate
  5. Hazzelnut coffee

Have not test yet: Pizza!

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1… Pizza

2… Vanilla
3… Salty caramel

4… Hazzelnut coffee

55… Chocolate
666… Fig almonds

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Salted Caramel
Hazelnut Coffee

Pizza not tasted


1 - Salted caramel
2 - hazelnut coffee
3 - chocolate
4 - vanilla

I haven’t tried fig (not interested) nor pizza (it comes in my next shipment).

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  1. salty caramel
  2. almond/fig
  3. pizza :pizza:
  4. chocolate :chocolate_bar:
  5. hazelnut coffee :chestnut:
  6. vanilla
  1. Caramel
  2. Hazelnut coffee
  3. Pizza
  4. Vanilla
  5. Chocolate (too chocolaty)
  6. Fig (haha, while this one is my GF’s favourite)

It’s funny how the fig bar is so love it or hate it

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My absolute favorite is the FIG flavored bar. I can keep eating those.

My second favorite is the PIZZA flavor. It would be my fav if it had some meaty taste added to it. Maybe Bacon? Everything tastes better with bacon!

Caramel… That one was great too but expected it to be a bit sweeter so third on my list.

The other flavs I have tried but these three above are the very best in my opinion.

  1. Chocolate :chocolate_bar:
  2. Pizza :pizza:
  3. Almond & Fig :melon: :purple_circle:
  4. Vanilla :icecream:
  5. Caramel Sea Salt :salt:
  6. Coffee Hazelnuts :coffee:

I haven’t tried JJ bars yet - although I would be interested in the coffee bar - but only if the nuts would be removed.
I think this would also be good for a larger audience, as nuts are a very very common allergen.

(And reducing the amount of caffeine would also be great)

Oh boy do I have news for you. There are no hazelnuts in the Hazelnut Coffee Plenny Bar :smiley:

Caffeine content:
This is the first time I’m hearing this :slight_smile: What would be a good amount of caffeine according to you?

  1. Pizza :pizza:
  2. Caramel Sea Salt :pancakes:
  3. Vanilla :icecream:
  4. Almond Fig :blueberries: (I know those aren’t figs but close enough)
  5. Coffee :coffee:
  6. Chocolate :chocolate_bar:

Pizza bar is sooooo good!

  1. Pizza
  2. Almond Fig/Caramel Sea Salt
  3. Hazzelnut Coffee
    :skull_and_crossbones:. Chocolate
    Never Have I Ever: Vanilla (pun intended )

I agree chocolate is the worst. I’ve seen some people say chocolate is the best and that pizza bars are horrible, and those people frighten me. The pizza bar is the best meal replacement product ever.

I just checked the ingredients and… is there a reason there’s actually CASHEWNUTS in a Coffee Hazelnut bar? Why is it not just called Coffee Cashewnuts? And of course saying there’s no hazelnuts changes nothing about there still being nuts in there, which was his whole point…