Plenny Bar chocolate sold out


when is Plenny Bar chocolate available again?

Hi @jayjaytlk !

The restocking of the warehouse was unfortunately delayed several times and we are now expecting to be back up and running by the end of this month with two shipments arriving. Keep an eye on the website as we will make sure to have the items that our currently out of stock changed to available again.

Apologies for the inconvenience!


Is there any kind of system available for getting an email notification of arrival of stock, or of entering in a backorder to ship it whenever it is in stock? (If not… something for the Suggestions Box.)


We have an alert that can be set up, but at the moment that is limited for when all variants of a specific item are out of stock, this is not available when it’s one flavor that’s unavailable. We are aware of this limitation and it has been raised with our developers recently.

Thank you for your suggestion, the feedback is very much appreciated!

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Do you have any updates on this, or new ETAs for the chocolate bars? I’ve been looking to get some of them to try out since July or August or so.

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Unfortunately I can not yet communicate an ETA for this.
There’s two shipments delayed due to closing down ports and the congestion coming from that which is still stacking.
The first of those is confirmed to have gone through and is currently on the way to the warehouse where we expect it to be processed in the first week of October as it looks now. For the second one, which will be needed to get the stock back up, we do not yet have an ETA.
The first shipment will likely be fully applied to pending orders, but it is possible that one will leave us with stock as well. It’s not possible to make a calculation on this yet, but if available, we will immediately update it on the website.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, we thank you very much for your patience and understanding while bearing with us through this one.