Plenny Pot Giveaway 🔥

Hi there,

In 2021 we want to focus more on self-improvement . Like a positive ripple effect, making changes in our personal lives can have a positive impact on our environment .

For example, a plant-based diet can significantly reduce your carbon footprint ! That’s why we support Green Monday.

Green Monday recommends eating plant-based on every Monday of the week.

We want to challenge you to eat vegan every Monday until (at least) February 15th !

If you share your meals with hashtag #jimmyjoyveganuary you can win a box of each Plenny Pot flavour. That’s 18 pots in total!

If you’re feeling extra motivated, try eating plant-based for an entire week, month or even a year ! Green Monday calculated that eating plant-based for an entire year will :

🌍 Prevent 1.5 tons of carbon emissions

🐮 Save 477 animal lives

💧 Save 805 people’s worth of drinking water

Eat plant-based every Monday until February 15th and share your meals to win! This doesn’t have to be a Jimmy Joy meal. Share all your plant-based meals!