PlennyBars subscription


I was wondering, is it just me or is it so that it is not possible to activate a subscription for the PlennyBars at the moment? I can basically subscribe to every other product, but not those… but I had the impression that there are already people who have subscribed, so I was wondering if maybe it’s just a problem related to my user.



I was wondering the same thing!

Also, they can’t be added to the box via the subscription management page.

Indeed! Well at least now I know it’s not just me :smiley:

I had subbed and now they are gone from it. I’ve emailed looking to know why.

Hey, It’s taking a little longer than expected, sorry about that. We will make made it available for subscription for anyone with a current running subscription this week so they can add it. We will have to monitor demand for a while before we can introduce it as a subscription for new customers to avoid going out of stock. Hope you understand.


Ok, it should be working now.

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When will the Plenny Bars be expected to be available for subscription? I really want to order them, but due to the relatively high price I’m waiting for taking a subscription on them.

Don’t tell anybody, but we can add them in the back end to your subscription if you’d like :shushing_face:

Just email me at if you already have a subscription and I can add them for you :slight_smile: