Recent study on sucralose and maltodextrin/carbohydrates


First of all let me tell you that I’ve just finished the test bag of JJ shakes and I really like it. The taste and consistency is much better than Huel in my opinion. However, I have recently read a very disconcerting article summarising the results of a study on the effect of sucralose consumption.

And so, I would like to know your opinion on the recent study into sucralose impact on insulin senstivity.

The paper states that “consumption of sucralose in the presence of a carbohydrate rapidly impairs glucose metabolism and results in longer-term decreases in brain, but not perceptual sensitivity to sweet taste, suggesting dysregulation of gut-brain control of glucose metabolism”.

The study was done on sucralose-sweetened drinks with maltodextrin, the two ingredients that can be found in JJ. I am not sure, though, how these results would translate to much more complex composition that Plenny Shakes have. Any chance to see if the consumption of JJ shakes can cause blood-sugar imbalance?


Would like to hear about this too, sounds interesting to dive deeper with :grin:

I’ll ask our people to take a look at it and respond as soon as they can :smiley:

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Thank you for reaching out to us about this topic! We are aware of this research, therefore, we completely understand your concern, but keep in mind that the amounts studied there are far away from the amounts you find in Jimmy Joy products. We currently use sucralose as a sweetening agent since it has been researched thoroughly, with no negative side-effects and therefore approved by EFSA as safe. Since the sweetening power of sucralose is so high (almost 600 times sweeter than sugar!) the amount used in our products is very low. For example, if you would replace every meal for a Jimmy Joy shake, only 0.01 g of sucralose would be consumed (⅕ of the amounts used in the study :)).
Nevertheless, recent studies like the one you mentioned, are an important input for us to continuously re-evaluate our products in order to create the healthiest meal possible. In fact, one of our current R&D projects is focused on the evaluation of other sweeteners’ potential. I hope I have informed you well enough on this topic!

With love and joy,