"Recyclable packaging"

Hi! I received my starter box today, but was disappointed to notice that the packaging does not seem to be recyclable, contrary to the claims on the website.
Both the bars and the powdered shakes came in (what looks to me like) aluminium-lined plastic, similar to chips bags, and with a recycle code of 7, that means they’re classified as “Other” plastics and not recyclable in the Netherlands.

So basically, huh? Why does it say recyclable packaging on the website, when it’s in fact not? I was really excited thinking that this was a far better environmental option than other powdered meals.

Picture to make my point:

Hi! Good point, it does seem a bit much to promote recyclable packaging when it’s cat 7 plastic. I have forwarded your comment to the marketing team and they agree, so we’ll take note of this for future promotions!

Thanks for looking out for us <3

Uf that is a harsh blow. I hope it is not only forwarded to marketing but to the packaging/engineering department so a recyclable packaging is found.

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I would like to echo the sentiments here.

I have to say I feel a bit cheated after seeing the claim about recyclable packaging before ordering, here is it again:

Yes, the cardboard box the delivery comes in is cardboard but that’s hardly anything to write home about.

The boxes can put in the paper recycling bin!

What @A.Gitt is refering to is everything in the paper box :wink:

The packaging seems to be PP7, which is classified as other plastics. According to this site PP7 can also be compostable:

A new generation of compostable plastics, made from bio-based polymers like corn starch, is being developed to replace polycarbonates. These are also included in category #7, which can be confusing to the consumer. These compostable plastics have the initials “PLA” on the bottom near the recycling symbol. Some may also say “Compostable.”

However, there is no text on the bars or the shake packaging, that reads “compostable” I think. @magicalben can you take this concern to the team, that is responsible for packaging? I mean removing the message from marketing is one thing, but actually it would be great to have biodegradable material for packaging.
It sure is a tough decision to push more expansive packaging, increase the price and be less competitive, but it’s also disappointing, that this nice marketing text from @davefrom1981’s screenshot would only mean the paper box and none of it’s content.

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Good points, definitely! Thanks for taking the time to share them here. We’ll take them into consideration for any future developments, like we always do <3

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I’m also a little disappointed seeing this. When ordering I actually looked at the sustainability page and was happy to see that it said the packaging is recycleable, but it’s not really the case… “Cheated,” like Dave said, is the word that comes to mind for me as well, though of course the misinformation is a lesser issue compared to the sustainability problem.

How is the search for a cat1 packaging going that I heard you were working on in 2019?

As for the concern raised by z0rg: if it’s more expensive and less competitive, the packaging can be made an option on checkout. I’d happily support some return on investment and extra production costs.

Edit: another thing I’d like to add is that I was happy to see the bag size increase since that reduces the packaging per kcal :slight_smile:


I agree, we shouldn’t promote recyclable packaging of we still use category 7 plastics. Lots to improve on! :smiley: