An idea for a collab…

I am wondering if you have thought about partnering somehow with the app Bower. Which encourages people to recycle? I recycle all my jimmy joy bags, and the box too, but I think that partnering with Bower could encourage more people to recycle the packaging.

Bower lets people scan the items that they recycle and gives them points that they can use for things like coupons or donating to charity, or even cash.

It is really a great app, and if I could somehow scan my jimmyjoy bags, or get a coupon for jimmy joy for properly sorting my recycling that would be super amazing!

I don’t know if it is launched over all of europe yet, but I know that here in Sweden they are pretty big, and I think partnering with them could open doors to new customers for you, as right now I can’t think of any shake/ fitness food companies who partner with them.

Maybe this is something you all could discuss and see if it could work? The company page is here:

I really think that it would be awesome if you could have some sort of collab or partnership, as i think it could raise awareness for jimmy joy, and do something good for the environment by encouraging people to recycle.


Thank you so much for sharing this! I looked at the website and the idea appears to be really fascinating. This will be shared with our team in order to evaluate the options :smiley:
Your care for the environment and for our brand is greatly appreciated :green_heart:

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One reason I bought Jimmyjoy was because of the recycling claim. I have 3 kilo of packaging collected and in the faq still says this “category 7” is somewhere recyclable. I live in Vienna, Austria. I called the local garbage collection and asked, they say not recyclable.

@jimmyjoy: do you have an address for me where to send it to be recycled?
@kmyr1123: do you have any tip for me? How far can I send it before the transport produces more co2 than the recycling would save?


Hi @onk!

We are currently working on moving our packaging up to category 5 and also plan to implement a fully recyclable packaging in time. We are actively working on it but the more sustainable options have our product degrade within the 12 month shelf life and having a long shelf life, we feel, is important for sustainability as well.

I checked the local regulations on this for you and found this:

These days, a product’s shape seems to be as important as its number in determining whether or not it’s recyclable. Those plastics in the shape of a bottle (e.g., water bottle), jar (mayonnaise jar, for example), or tub (e.g., margarine spreads) are recyclable. These generally are natural or colored containers (not black) labeled with a number 1, 2, or 5. However, all plastics with a number 1-7 currently are accepted at the recycling facility.

*Rigid plastic, like jugs, buckets, and toys are recyclable; please remove batteries from toys. *

Plastic clamshell takeout containers, those that are hinged and even those in which strawberries come, are not recyclable in Fairfax County due to the polystrene plastic from which they’re made.

The source is: Trash and Recycling | Town of Vienna, VA

I hope this answers your question. :green_heart:

:slight_smile: This is a town in the US. I live in Vienna, Austria (Europe).
But thanks for the effort and I am happy to see that they take number 7 there.
It is similar here as far as I know. Bottles are collected but normal packaging is not, whatever number is on it.
The question still stands, where can I bring it to be recycled? US is a bit far. I will travel within Europe, so where is a place I can bring it?

Oh wow, excuse me for that one :smiley:

I have found the following for your locality:

No, thanks: returnable plastic bottles, engine oil
bottles, lubricant and adhesive bottles, plastic cups,
plastic foil, plastic bags, meat trays, styrofoam, rubber
foam, wood, textiles, canisters, buckets, cookware,
tools, cables, wires, bathroom or kitchen taps, pipes,
steel straps, paint, varnish and spray cans, etc.
Large sheets of plastic foil, bulky or large metal parts
and electrical appliances can be disposed of at any of
the waste collection centres!

For more information, this is the number they’ve shared: Waste hotline: +43 1 546 48


As far as I know here in Sweden our local place takes care of number 7 soft plastic items. I mean we sort them and they accept them, but what happens after they arrive at the recycling center I don’t honestly know.

Everything that I have been able to find though would indicate to me that they most likely get recycled at the center with other soft plastic packaging.

I tried asking, but couldn’t get a good answer from my local recycling place because they didn’t really understand my question. I’m not sure that I have a good way of explaining the problem because I never honestly looked at the number before you wrote. I just recycled it with other soft plastic packaging and assumed that they take care of it.

but as far as I can tell at least in southern Sweden they seem to be able to recycle it, as I can’t find much info about it at all, other than websites saying that it can be recycled.

I’m going to keep looking and see if I can formulate a better question for the local recycling company to see if I can get you an answer.