An idea for a collab…

I am wondering if you have thought about partnering somehow with the app Bower. Which encourages people to recycle? I recycle all my jimmy joy bags, and the box too, but I think that partnering with Bower could encourage more people to recycle the packaging.

Bower lets people scan the items that they recycle and gives them points that they can use for things like coupons or donating to charity, or even cash.

It is really a great app, and if I could somehow scan my jimmyjoy bags, or get a coupon for jimmy joy for properly sorting my recycling that would be super amazing!

I don’t know if it is launched over all of europe yet, but I know that here in Sweden they are pretty big, and I think partnering with them could open doors to new customers for you, as right now I can’t think of any shake/ fitness food companies who partner with them.

Maybe this is something you all could discuss and see if it could work? The company page is here:

I really think that it would be awesome if you could have some sort of collab or partnership, as i think it could raise awareness for jimmy joy, and do something good for the environment by encouraging people to recycle.


Thank you so much for sharing this! I looked at the website and the idea appears to be really fascinating. This will be shared with our team in order to evaluate the options :smiley:
Your care for the environment and for our brand is greatly appreciated :green_heart:

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