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How sustainable is Jimmy Joy?

Did you know that we compensate for our CO2 emissions. By working with Treesforall we plant trees in The Netherlands but also in South America to be CO2 neutral. In 2017/18, we compensated 658 ton of CO2 by planting trees in Bolivia. This is what you would produce if you would fly 220 times from Amsterdam to New York!

Also we are currently researching the use of recycled plastic.


Curious, what sort of plastic is actually used in the packaging? There was a bit of a problem in NZ a couple of years ago from a brand of water that made compostable bottles with #7 - which essentially means “everything else” from my knowledge. The bottles were bundled up, and no one knew how to recycle them, and they ended up landing in landfill. Not the worst case since they were compostable, but still.

The idea of “return posting” the used packets sounds like a fun idea, but I’m sure that would be a super big pain in the ass when it comes to the production line.

Either way, great work on this kind of stuff! It’s becoming a bit of a “every company must do this to survive in this world” kind of thing, but doing it is better than not doing anything at all!

It is both PE and PET. Layered. We are working to replace it with solely one material to make it easier to recycle. Thanks for weighing in :slight_smile: