How sustainable is Jimmy Joy?

Did you know that we compensate for our CO2 emissions. By working with Treesforall we plant trees in The Netherlands but also in South America to be CO2 neutral. In 2017/18, we compensated 658 ton of CO2 by planting trees in Bolivia. This is what you would produce if you would fly 220 times from Amsterdam to New York!

Also we are currently researching the use of recycled plastic.


Curious, what sort of plastic is actually used in the packaging? There was a bit of a problem in NZ a couple of years ago from a brand of water that made compostable bottles with #7 - which essentially means “everything else” from my knowledge. The bottles were bundled up, and no one knew how to recycle them, and they ended up landing in landfill. Not the worst case since they were compostable, but still.

The idea of “return posting” the used packets sounds like a fun idea, but I’m sure that would be a super big pain in the ass when it comes to the production line.

Either way, great work on this kind of stuff! It’s becoming a bit of a “every company must do this to survive in this world” kind of thing, but doing it is better than not doing anything at all!

It is both PE and PET. Layered. We are working to replace it with solely one material to make it easier to recycle. Thanks for weighing in :slight_smile:


I’m really happy about your climate compensation, I think it’s a really great initiative.

I do want to point out though that planting trees is usually not too helpful for a few different reasons. It takes many years before they actually have any kind of effect, there is no guarantee the trees will stay for that long even if they’re planted (either from human intervention or from forest fires), a lot of trees die before they are able to grow to any significant size (and therefore the estimations for absorbed CO2 aren’t very accurate), and we also need to do something with the trees (eg. furniture, houses etc) or they’ll rot and release CO2. Usually it’s not very cost effective at all either.

For some charities that seem better you can read the research by FoundersPledge here:

Summary from the link:

  • The Coalition for Rainforest Nations: 1 ton CO2 for $0.12 (plausible range of $0.02 - $0.72)
  • The Clean Air Task Force: 1 ton CO2 for $1.26 (confidence interval of $0.35- $4.40)

If you want to plant trees specifically you could check out Cool Earth: 1 ton for $1.34 ($0.38 if you count indirectly protected trees). Cool Earth is usually no longer recommended either though, some info here:

Looking at Treesforall they claim to compensate 1 ton CO2 for ~12.50 EUR. In other words, it’s about 100x more expensive than The Coalition for Rainforest Nations. If you donate 50% of what you donate today to The Coalition for Rainforest Nations you’ll have a 50x higher impact for half the price, surely something to brag about!


Hi :slight_smile:

Is there a TL;DR for which alternatives would be better? Not really wanting to scour a huge document for the answer when you’re already enlightened =)

If you’re referring to my post then yes, I gave a short summary for three that would be better and how much CO2/USD you get. I didn’t provide links for them though, so here they are:

I would add a link to Cool Earth as well but new users are allowed to have maximum two links per post apparently, but it should be easy to find with just an internet search.

See my other post for the effectiveness of them! (no real need to read the whole founders pledge report if you don’t want to deep dive)


Thanks for sharing this info Penny! <3

A recently started initiative:

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You got to keep in mind though that merely offsetting your carbon footprint is basically just putting the problem into someone else’s hands and is not actually contributing to truly reduce your carbon footprint. You can read up about it when you Google Carbon Credits and such and learn more about the dirty way of offsetting carbon nowadays.

Nonetheless, it’s still a better initiative than none at all :slight_smile:

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At the office we’ve been thinking about what we can do next to Trees4All, so thanks for sharing! I will definitely check it out.


Here’s a practical idea from the Jimmy Joy side: encourage people to have just one subscription.

At some point I ended up with multiple subscriptions, with different dates (and maybe frequencies) but I realized it was wasteful to make multiple shipments. So I juggled things around into one subscription.

It’s not impossible to code up an assistant to do this automatically, but a simple reminder that more shipping = more greenhouse effect might encourage folks to do it themselves, like I did!


Good feedback! The subscription interface is sub-awesome, but we’re forwarding our feedback to the developers as often as we get it in hope it will be improved upon within the near future. Slowly but steady changes are being made, hopefully it will soon be effortless!

PS: if you guys have any trouble with your subscriptions, save yourself the frustration and email us at so we can help sort it out <3

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Great discussion going on. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the session with @Joanna on IGTV, but I did watch the recording. I appreciate that you handle all the questions so openly and took time from your regular working hours to connect to your customers. Would be really glad to get more insights and sessions like this in the future :wink:

After watching the video I had this one question in my head:
-> When is JimmyJoy gonna be fully based on ecologic integredients?

I agree, that planting trees is nice, but supporting ecologic producers seems to make even more sense, because it actively supports to protect soil and the environment from agressive fertilizers.

Also for packaging I regularly buy from this shop in Germany ( and they seem to be completely plastic free. I like their cacao and maca powder bags and you can even seal them on top of the bag. You might want to get in touch with them to figure out which packaging they use.

Keep up the good work!


Appreciate the feedback, thanks for taking the time <3

Fully ecologic ingredients? Could you elaborate? How would that look for example, in your view?

As for the packaging, of course, there’s all the options money can buy, but we have to way quality against price to make sure we can keep developing our products without charging our customers too much for their favorite Jimmy Joy products!

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Hi @Tim,
what I mean is soya is actually the main source of proteins, right? But soya is also a big driver for deforestation and I am certainly not an expert in how to grow soya sustainably, but it would seem more relevant to support growing soya more environmental friendly than planting trees afterwards.
Does that make sense? I think with all the integredients it could make it hard to have a product purely from ecological integredients, but I think that would be a great goal.

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It’s weird. Now I can’t even figure out how to make a subscription with multiple products. From the subscription page, I tried to add to an existing subscription, but it just made two subscriptions with the same ship date and frequency. I also tried it from the shopping angle but also got two subscriptions.

Hopefully you will put the two subscriptions in the same box :slight_smile:

" PS: if you guys have any trouble with your subscriptions, save yourself the frustration and email us at so we can help sort it out <3"

I ordered a box of plenny bars to use as breakfast. I am happy with the bars but the delivery was a bit of a downer on the sustainability front.
I chose for Budbee because they have a lof of big talking points about sustainable delivery on their page. The tracking was superb but I am disappointed that in the end it turned out to be a stinky diesel van that pulled up at my house.
I only live like 20km from Amsterdam Noord, I would picked it up by bike if but pickup wasn’t possible in checkout. I understand that you prefer not to offer that because it can be a logistical hassle but I really would like to have a shipping method that doesn’t burn diesel on short haul routes.

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hi there! If you should like to pick up your items via bike in the future feel free to drop by our office during office hours. We’d appreciate a heads up though, so if that’s an attractive alternative for you, please shoot us an email if you plan to come by <3

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I was only present for a couple of Budbee deliveries early in the year, but I remember the stinky diesel truck. Now it’s 100% leave-by-the-door for me. Sad to hear the stinky diesel truck is still in service.