Which mode(s) of transportation is Jimmy Joy shipped with?


I’m almost through my 5-bag trial run of Jimmy Joy, and really like it so far! I’d just like to know one thing before making it a recurring part of my diet:

Which mode(s) of transportation is it shipped with? Plane, truck, train, ship, or a combination of them? I want to be confident that importing it does not cause unnecessary carbon emissions compared to other foods.

I understand it likely differs by destination; Sweden in my case, but I’m sure customers elsewhere would also like to know about this. Judging by shipment time I’m guessing shipping in Europe is probably done by train and/or truck, is that correct?

I also understand all kinds of foods are transported all over the place, of course, not just Jimmy Joy; but the stuff sold in supermarkets is very likely shipped there by highly efficient transport like train or barge. By contrast some mail is shipped by plane, which is why I’m asking just to be sure that a Jimmy Joy package is not. Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

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Its courier mail service so doesnt follow a surface supply chain like you see with a supermarket who need the same things every week/month.

Jimmy Joy use PostNL(through an intermediary perhaps), who then forward it on.
To Fennoscandia this is something like:
Lorry pickup
Delivered to Schipol
Schipol to PostNord Depot (Cant remember which one)
Onwards to local carrier by a second flight or truck then van

Unless we were all willing to wait 2wks for each package theres no way they could have a similar carbon footprint, and even if they did mail carriers could still use Air transport for convenience.

Like said, it indeed varies per country and carrier. We use different partners in different countries. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee your order won’t be shipped by plane.

What is the situation in USA?

@Grant_Barnes packages to the USA are always transported by plane.

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Oh, I see. Thanks! I shall have to do some research on the matter, then.

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Thanks for the update.

No problem!

@emlun @grant_barnes my colleague just pointed out we’ve actually been shipping CO2 neutral since January :slight_smile:


Good to know, thanks. How does that work?

Shipping companies plant trees and/or buy carbon credits which go towards funding renewable energy sources to be classed as carbon neutral.

Probably something like @genesis mentioned, but I’ll double check on that at the delivery company!