Rewards not completing

Hey guys, I’m having an issue with the rewards ‘missions’ not completing.

I’ve filled out a review and subscribed to the newsletter a few times and just can’t get it to tick them off the list :sweat_smile:

I’ve sent an e-mail to as well but hoping I’ll get a quicker response here :blush:

Anything you JJ guys can do to help me out? Driving me a little mad as I’m a bit of a perfectionist :laughing:

Pic below:

Hey NovaMosh,

we already fixed this, right? :smiley:

And to be honest, the forum ain’t quicker than our lightning fast customer care email team!

Pro Customer Care Wrestler


Hey Ben! We got the Time Token part sorted, which by the way was super awesome and thanks again :smile:

The problem I’m wondering about is whether I can get the missions completed (the tokens don’t matter as we got that sorted)

Bugs me a little that they still say they haven’t been done :

It’s only a small pet peeve as I’m a bit of a ‘completionist’ :laughing:

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Is there a way to unsubscribe to the newsletter and then subscribe again? May also try reviewing my order once it arrives and seeing if it completes the reward :yum: