A question about nutrient levels

I was just wondering, do the vitamin and mineral levels stated for the Jimmy Joy products include nutrients that naturally occur in the ingredients, or is it just the added nutrients?

For example, 2,000mg of potassium. Does that mean you have added 2,000mg of potassium to it? Or does that number also include some naturally occurring potassium, such as in the oat flour?


Hey Marcus, welcome to our forum!

The values stated in the nutritional table show the minimum amount that you will get per portion since it is giving the amount we add from the vitamin and mineral mix.

Currently, we’re in the process of recalculating the nutrient levels in all of our ingredients to fine-tune our micronutrient mix. We take care to analyze the total product to make sure we’re not exceeding any upper limits, so you can be sure that our meals are not only nutritious but also safe and healthy.

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Thank you, Laura.

That’s good to hear because I was a bit concerned that the potassium level was a bit low. Most authorities these days recommend at least 3,500mg per day.