Any plans about a soyfree version? (any JJ product)

I am a happy JJ customer since quite some years. My wife would like to buy and eat them as well but cannot use the Jimmyjoy products, since she runs into diggestion/allergic (Histamin) problems due to soy ingredients.

She would love to quit buying Jake products and get on board to buy Jimmyjoy.
So she begged me to ask, if there are any plans to offer soy-free JJ products anytime soon?

Hey @mort , thank you for sharing this! An “allergen-free” formula is something that is on the radar of our R&D department, but based on current developments in the pipeline it’s probably not going to be anytime soon (in the upcoming months).

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Thank you for your fast and helpful reply, although it was not the answer I hoped for. For us specifically it would not need to be absolutely allergy free but just soy free, but of course I can understand that you need to look at it from different angles.

We do understand where it’s coming from and please know we do take this kind of feedback seriously :slight_smile: Nothing is set in stone yet as it is still in development - we are experimenting with different formulas. There are a few reasons why we specifically like soy; mainly the great nutritional profile, but also the sustainability aspect and let’s not forget great taste!

We’ve written an article about it in case anyone is curious: Everything You Need to Know About Soy – Jimmy Joy

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Soy is rich in histamine, and a common allergen unfortunately.