Please consider making a bar without soy in it

First things first. I love JJ bars as what they are. They’re quite literally the only thing I can keep around the house that I don’t crave for, but could eat every day and not get bored of. Quintessentially the key for my permanent weight loss plan that doesn’t fail 2 months in.

My problem is, that it contains soy. And my mind is poisoned with the idea that too much soy will kill you, or at least boost my estrogen levels. I can’t shake that fear, no matter how much I read about the subject. I don’t need a nutrition science lecture here either. What I need is a bar that doesn’t have soy, so I can eat it every day. Simple as that.

I know this post is a bit out of the ordinary, but there must be people like me who would give almost anything to get this done.

So, Mr. Jimmy - What say you?


No lecture, just thanks for the feedback!
It is something we are working on for the Active Shakes already, and I will make sure this request ends up on the desk of our R&D legends as well. Hopefully we can make you happy with them in the future.


Small edit for the ones reading this that would like to know our stance on why we do love soy: Everything You Need to Know About Soy – Jimmy Joy