Can you use Jimmy Joy on a alkaline Diet?

Is it possible to use Jimmy Joy on a alkaline Diet?
I know opinions differ on this Topic, but would’nt it be great to use it this way, too? It would be the perfectly healthy Diet.
Has anybody tested the pH-value?
I would be happy to hear some answers and opinions about the alkaline-issue.
Thank You.

what’s the point if everything is acidified in the gut?

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Oooh this is such a good question!

I’d really like to know the answer - why hasn’t it been answered??


(As to jmmo20… that’s not quite how it works. Overly acidic foods have to be neutralised by the body, which does this by leaking metals out of the bones. So we should always aims to eat alkaline foods. The vegan versions will certainly be better because they don’t contain whey, for instance.)

@Rowan please take a minute to read this:

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You’re claims are nonsense and backed up by bad “science” Rowan.