Jimmy Joy and gout

Has someone experiences about interaction between Jimmy Joy and gout?
I know oatflour has purine and it’s better to reduce when having gout.
I suffer of gout and with Jimmy Joy i had no problems till now, in one year of assumption (5/8meals per week) but at the same time gout doesn’t heal.

I suffered from gout for many years, and it only stops when i cut out dairy products, maybe you should try the Vegan alternative?

It seems Jimmy Joy it’s not a problem with gout… But i’m interested in other’s experiences.
I have real difficulties to have diet in the week-end :smiley: so sometimes i wonder if it can be safe to use less Jimmy Joy during the week.
Haven’t you problems with Jimmy Joy?

I have had no problems with gout on Jimmy Joy

Attacks can come if you lose weight, have you lost weight?

Just e little :smiley:
Ok thanks! It’s good to share experiences!
I’m very happy to have another confirmation that Jimmy Joy has no problems with gout!
I had blood analysis various times using and not Jimmy Joy, and noticed no differences.