Cancel Order / broken contact button

Looking to cancel order Order US15049
Current status is unfulfilled. I have a screenshot.

I’m also digging the fact that the contact us submit button is broken, you know…to get help.
Two different browsers, no adblock or extensions on one of them.

Or password reset tells me that I don’t have an account despite signing up for and activating an account and had logged in prior (on my phone) where I saw the order # and status.

Yeah man, pretty good first impression.
Pretty cool. is the help email?

Hey @Moylent,

nothing wrong with the contact forms! We received a couple of messages by you last night. Unfortunately, we’re based in Europe and while you were emailing us, we were a sleep. Sorry.

We have already canceled your order, no worries! And are you logging in to the right site? Because your account is over there and active as possible :grinning:

And yes, is our customer service email.

I have similar concerns about the US site’s contact form as well, after trying to use it just now. On clicking “Submit,” there was no confirmation message telling me that the e-mail was received. It sounds like the e-mails might be going through successfully, but some users aren’t getting any immediate feedback from the website/help inbox to indicate that it worked.

If that’s the case, then I… might have sent the same e-mail a bunch of times by accident. Sorry to the support team :sweat_smile:

Yep, some feedback when hitting submit would be nice.
Support team probably got 20 or so as i mashed the button expecting something.

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately, our platform does not support a confirmation message for the contact form currently (pretty stupid eh?). Hopefully this changes in the future!

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