Cronometer and various dietary and information requests

Hi all,

I have just made my first order of jimmyjoy-plennyshake online (so it hasn’t arrived and I haven’t tried it yet). In anticipation of its arrival, I decided to add the jimmyjoy-plennyshake vegan macros to the website.

This required a little tinkering. For instance, if a serving of 176g contains 86g carbs, 13g of which is fibre and 10g is sugar, by process of elimination I entered 63g for starch (though this is not strictly stated on the nutrition facts list).

Furthermore, the breakdown of fats doesn’t quite add up. Fats total supposedly 15g, of which 4.3g monounsaturated, 9g polyunsaturated, 2.5g saturated - a total of 15.8g fats. I think most of us, for a product like jimmyjoy-plennyshake, want to see accurate figures with minimum roundings up or down.

Vitamin A is given at 300mcg. From which I guessed 300mcg=3000UI according to this. However a picture of the jimmyjoy-plennyshake package puts it higher at 3992UI per 176g. Which is right? I have gone with the latter until further notice.

States 0.5g for ‘salt’, of which I estimated 197mg for sodium, according to

So, with a few tweaks in place, it would be really great if someone at jimmyjoy-plennyshake could confirm whether I’ve hit the mark here or whether I’m wildly off. Also, it would be nice if we could get more nutritional information in order to make it all more cronometer or macro-tracking friendly. I suspect plenty of jimmyjoy-plennyshake customers will be interested in this in the first place.

For instance we are very noticeably missing any information on choline. Is there really no choline in jimmyjoy-plennyshake? (Scratch this, apparently the information is on the packaging so I have added 190mg choline per 176g serving).

Also ‘missing’ is (and therefore I am requesting) information on:

  • omega 6 and 9 (for polyunsaturated fats) - Scratch this. Information found here therefore I have added 1.8g for o-6 and 6.8g for o-9 however this does not total 9g for polyunsats as it should)

This still leaves:

  • break down of ‘sugars’ (i.e. fructose, glucose, etc.)
  • break down of proteins
  • break down of Vitamin A (i.e. retinol, beta-carotene etc.)
  • break down of Vitamin E (beta, delta, gamma tocopherols)

So now I’ve got every bit of information tapped in (that I can find) and I can’t but help notice the following problems. This suggests that jimmyjoy-plennyshake is not suitable for all stages of life (like pregnancy).

  • folate is low - want to see 200mcg per serving.
  • potassium is low - want to see ~1570mg.
  • iodine is low - want to see ~80mcg.
  • calcium is low - want to see ~415mg.
  • vitamins B12, C, E and K are low - want to see ~1.3mcg, 40mg, 5mg, 30mcg.
  • vitamin A is too high for 3 portions per day on a frequent basis? I’ve seen safe upper limits set to 5000 UI. At present 3 portions would be over twice that at 11977UI.

These suggested changes would make jimmyjoy-plennyshake more suitable for other stages of life, even a small increase. Will future iterations of jimmyjoy-plennyshake be looking to improve these? Am I wrong about vitamin A?

OK, so according to the FAQs ‘jimmyjoy-plennyshake is not intended for children under the age of 18 or women in pregnancy.’ However, upping the above will not pose any harm to men or non-pregnant women, so I can’t help but think that a small change would not be really great for all concerned.

Anyway, it’d be really great to get a response from someone on the team. Thank you.


Powerful post!
Knowledge like yours will only help us, clients!


My first small batch of jimmyjoy-plennyshake has arrived and I noticed the following discrepancy:

Bags state one meal 176g, slip insert states 173g. jimmyjoy-plennyshake, please confirm. Which is correct? Sure, it’s only a 3g difference but your customers really want accuracy if they intend to put their complete nutritional needs in your hands. For the time being, I have updated my cronometer entry to reflect 173g.

Slip insert also states:

  • Vitamin A (retinol acetate) 325000 IU (per bag?). What?! A few too many extra zeros? Wrong unit of measurement?? Or does jimmyjoy-plennyshake macros state estimated absorbed vitamins and minerals? I’m just going to go ahead and add 300mcg for retinol acetate… because.
  • Vitamin E 50% (dl-alpha-tocopherly acetate, 500 IU). At this point I’m just pretty annoyed at Joylen’t inconsistency when using mg or IU measurements. Not sure where 50% comes from? Again, the IU amount given here is way off what is possible for 4mg per serving. 500 IU = 500g, not 12 g as it should according to other macros given. See IU conversions here. Honestly this is so confusing and convoluted jimmyjoy-plennyshake!

I’d also like to request information for the amount of phytosterol in a serving of vegan jimmyjoy-plennyshake.

So we have the macros given online, pictures in the forum, the slip insert, the back of the packaging - and none of these sources give us a consistent and full picture. COME ON ■■■■■■■. :slight_smile:


Hey @pablo could you shed some light on which facts are accurate, maybe even post an uptodate breakdown ?

Since jimmyjoy-plennyshake isn’t quite responding – maybe we could get them tested. Soylent was tested:

I’m not a member, but Rowan you seem super into the nutrients and such, perhaps this site is right up your alley? May be US-based though.

Dear Rowan,

I’m super sorry for answering so late! i’m the new food technologist at Jimmy Joy and trying to catch up with all the input from you guys on the forum.

Thank you very much for looking so thoroughly at our products! In order to give feedback on all the things you are pointing out, i’ll get back on this topic as soon as possible.

Next to that, I can already tell that we gone put all the up to date nutritional information about our products back on the site, so questions regarding nutritional amounts in our products will be soon answered.

with kind regards,