Nutritional request Myfitnesspal

So this is more of a request, on Myfitnesspal there are a lot of entries of jimmyjoy-plennyshake, and they all differ in nutritional value, so my question would be if someone from the team (maybe pablo when he’s back) could make an official entry ?

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Absolutely! Some of the entries are pretty on point but I’ll have that sorted.
Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

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Same thing for Lifesum would be awesome!

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Same thing for and their Mijn Eetmeter app. Various user entries which all are near perfect but contain some errors, an official entry would be nice here too! Also, these entries are all for jimmyjoy-plennyshake Regular; Sport, Vegan and Wake Up are missing entirely.

As this topic is starting to look a bit like a suggestion list, the following topic has been created:

nutritional requests on other websites

Please try and use that topic instead of this one, but this topic will stay open for now. I hope the new topic-wiki-thingy will make it easier for Joyent to keep track of the requests.