Nutritional requests on other websites

Okay! We’re going to test something new! ‘Wikis’.

If I do understand correctly, everybody has the ability to edit this post. If there’s any other website you would like to have the official jimmyjoy-plennyshake nutritions on, please look if it’s in the list below. If it is, put your name behind it (or a ‘+1’ or something). If it isn’t, write it down, then put your name (or something) behind it.

I can not promise jimmyjoy-plennyshake does anything with the list, but at least here they have it. :slightly_smiling:

You can discuss and whatnot below. Please don’t abuse this wiki system.

This is also a wiki tryout. For all questions regarding wikis, or discussions about the use of wikis, another topic should be created in the right category. Thank you!

The list

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