Delivery problems in France

Hi jimmyjoy-plennyshake team,

Sorry for my english, i’m topic that because i have order jimmyjoy-plennyshake but when the deliveryman arrived. I was absent and the delivery man did not notice my letter box.

My package is in parcel, but i haven’t number of package…
The delivery company is PostNL.
do you understand ? :frowning:

Please help me, i need my jimmyjoy-plennyshake ! :’(

Hi @Alexandre_Andrieux !

I’m so sorry to hear there are some troubles with the delivery of your order. Usually, if you are absent at the time of delivery, they will try again on the next business day. I expect them to drop by again today :slight_smile: .

Feel free to contact our customer support at with your order number. There we can check up on your shipment and help you a little further!

@Alexandre_Andrieux: maybe consider leaving a note on your door for the delivery guy, suggesting he leaves the order in your mailbox or maybe give it to a neighbor.
Also, maybe you can track your parcel using one of these websites:

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If you want to be sure of getting your package, it is vitally important for you to have a special code by which you can track the movement of your parcel. Usually I checked it through to be sure the parcel has already been sent and is already on the way. If you are sure that the parcel is already in your city, you can simply contact the post office in your city or with courier delivery, through which the parcel was sent. You can arrange a delivery at a certain time and check everything.