Does Plenny Shake contain taurine? Should it?

I recently learned that taurine deficiency is a thing, could this happen to someone drinking Plenny Shakes for the vast majority of their diet? I don’t do this nor do I intend to, I’m just wondering if it’s in there somewhere, even though it’s not included in the nutrients list.

Dear Sloppydrive,

Taurine is derived from cysteine, the amino acid profile of the Plenny Shake contains enough of every amino acid, including that of cysteine. Therefore your body gets enough taurine from our shakes.

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Hey @karel,

Since you mentioned it, is there any place where I can see the amino acid profile of Plenny Shake and Plenny Shake Sport? As they contain both whey and soy, I’m wondering what the end result is.

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Is this table still valid? I couldn’t find information about the amino acids contained in plenny powder shake. It seems like it is not shown on the nutritional label.

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yes, still valid, but with the new formula comes a new amino acid profile!