A tea-riffic new Plenny Shake Flavour ๐ŸŽ‰

Boy have we got a surprise for you! Or did we already ruin itโ€ฆ?:thinking:

Still, great news: the Plenny Shake Chai Latte is here and available in our webstore NOW!

Itโ€™s creamy , full of Chai spice flavour , and with a nice sweetness to it. Your favourite coffee house drink, but now nutritionally complete and with L-theanine and caffeine for energy and focus! You can enjoy it hot or cold , depending on how you feel.

I think itโ€™s my favorite Plenny Shake at the moment, I hope you guys will like it too!

Let us know what you think <3

The taste is more or less the same as of the Plenny shake active Chai Latte?

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Yes they are similar :slight_smile:

Great!! eager to taste it !
I read it can be prepared hot or cold. Always wondered if other flavors can be served hot? Or boiling water may ruin any of the ingredients/vitamins?

well, some vitamins and minerals cant take the heat but you can still enjoy the drink hot/warm! Check out this recipe: https://www.instagram.com/p/CK_MlFMFpzH/


Why do you recommend having it hot/warm when you know that vitamins and minerals will be degraded? Of course one could take additional supplements, but that is not the point of complete food products.

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Drinking the product warm is just an option for the sake of variety, and even without 100% of the nutritional values the meal will still be very nutritional! But if you want 100% complete itโ€™s pretty simple: donโ€™t consume the Shakes hot!


Its taste is a little bit the same as a chai latte. But If you are the one who doesnโ€™t know which Chai is tea or latte? How often did you prepare your cup for having tea or latte in the chai version? So what did you receive exactly? Here comes Chai latte vs. Chai tea

Hi! Itโ€™s an unusual idea for your shakes. How much caffeine does it contain compared to a regular latte? Of course, Iโ€™d prefer coffee late brewed of Arabica or Jamaican beans but now got some troubles with health, looking for an analogue.
Thanks in advance

Hey @FairFrank, welcome to the forum!
The Chai Latte shake contains 30mg of caffeine and 25mg L-theanine per meal. A regular latte (which is made with an espresso shot) has on average 63 mg of caffeine.

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