A tea-riffic new Plenny Shake Flavour πŸŽ‰

Boy have we got a surprise for you! Or did we already ruin it…?:thinking:

Still, great news: the Plenny Shake Chai Latte is here and available in our webstore NOW!

It’s creamy , full of Chai spice flavour , and with a nice sweetness to it. Your favourite coffee house drink, but now nutritionally complete and with L-theanine and caffeine for energy and focus! You can enjoy it hot or cold , depending on how you feel.

I think it’s my favorite Plenny Shake at the moment, I hope you guys will like it too!

Let us know what you think <3

The taste is more or less the same as of the Plenny shake active Chai Latte?

Yes they are similar :slight_smile:

Great!! eager to taste it !
I read it can be prepared hot or cold. Always wondered if other flavors can be served hot? Or boiling water may ruin any of the ingredients/vitamins?

well, some vitamins and minerals cant take the heat but you can still enjoy the drink hot/warm! Check out this recipe: https://www.instagram.com/p/CK_MlFMFpzH/

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Why do you recommend having it hot/warm when you know that vitamins and minerals will be degraded? Of course one could take additional supplements, but that is not the point of complete food products.

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Drinking the product warm is just an option for the sake of variety, and even without 100% of the nutritional values the meal will still be very nutritional! But if you want 100% complete it’s pretty simple: don’t consume the Shakes hot!

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