How much lactose?

I’ve tried jimmyjoy-plennyshake today, and the way it sits in my stomach (heavily) makes me think there’s a good amount of Lactose in there, but I’ve not seen it specified just how much. Can you give me at least a rough estimate how it compares to normal milk?

I’m also lactose-intolerant to some degree; smaller amounts of milk aren’t a problem however. I feel that about 0.2l of milk per day are ok; if jimmyjoy-plennyshake is over that, I’ll have to do something, likely eat lactase tablets with my first batch.


That is something I’d also like to know because I’m lactose intolerant pretty badly. I have mentioned tablets on hand, too. But the amount I have to take depends on how much lactose is involved. And this differs from person to person so even when I’d find my “level” I could’nt really give suggestions for other people.
I know there is a vegan version but it wasn’t available when I ordered and I just wanted to start. I have to take those pills anyway when I go out and have a pizza with friends or whatever, so it is no big deal to me. But the information about the amount of lactose would be really helpful!

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Hello BenCH,

While I do not officially work for jimmyjoy-plennyshake I have been consuming it 100% for the past four months as an experiment. From my experience I did notice I produced a fair amount of gas when consuming regular jimmyjoy-plennyshake vs. the vegan variation. I am also studying Food and Nutrition as well. No where have I read thus far, that whey protein is an issue with lactose intolerant people.

According to a Registered Dietitian here pure whey protein contains only 1% lactose.

I did notice than when I took lactase pills with the regular jimmyjoy-plennyshake I still had a bit of gas but it was much different. Before it was very strong and ¨spicy¨ coming out. Now its much more gentle, with a faint hint of smell regarding the flavour. I.e. if I ate the banana flavour, on the lactose pills my farts would smell of banana rather then sulphurous.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I did actually stumble upon your blog earlier, intesting stuff. I don’t think going 100% is for me though :slight_smile: For starters I’m just happy to try it for a short while, and if it agrees with me, maybe replace the junk food meals in my life.

I’d still like to hear some hard numbers regarding lactose though; anecdotical evidence is difficult to judge correctly especially when the system you’re dealing with (nutrition and metabolism) is so complex. In an old reddit thread (, people say the lactose amount in jimmyjoy-plennyshake is negligible (for me at least); if that’s indeed the case that be nice.

And for the jimmyjoy-plennyshake guys: ever consider adding just the right amount of lactase to your recipe? They do it with milk after all…


Hey Lee,
the ingredients say: whey protein concentrate (cow’s milk, lactose, soy lecithin, sucralose, flavor aroma, natural dye, thickener: guar gum)
So, milk and additional lactose. Which is quite common for many kinds of food. Here in germany they use lactose so the rolls are brown and shiny. And I don’t want to tell you what happens to my body when I eat one of those without taking a pill :wink:
I’m going to try my first jimmyjoy-plennyshake shake for breakfast tommorow morning.

Update: I drank the shake and took three pills. 3500FCC per pill, I don’t know if this is standardized. I think they range from 1000FCC to 12000FCC, atleast in germany. For myself this would be equivelant for what I take with 300ml of milk. And I had no stomach ache, no headache, no diarrhea or whatever. Not a single f*(art) was given :wink:


thanks for the information and update I never considered adjusting the lactase pills based on how much lactose is within the product. On the box it states take one or two with each meal , each pill contains 9,000 fcc lactase units. I still suffer from a bit of gas, I will try to take one and a half per meal, I get mine here.

Hi BenCH,

thanks for taking a look at my blog, it´s there as a guide for you guys =) good luck with eating the jimmyjoy-plennyshake.

I am also curious about hearing how much lactose is included within each bag of jimmyjoy-plennyshake, perhaps Pablo can inform us?

Adding lactase to the bag is actually a good idea, perhaps they can do that. It would be much easier for people who are lactose intolerant.

This is important, I also want an official answer: how much lactose per 100 g in regular jimmyjoy-plennyshake?

I’ll ask our food technologist to get back to you!

Hello Voylento and EatHealthlee!

The amount of lactose can fluctuate in the whey that we use for our Plennyshakes. A Plennyshake can contain a maximum of 1.33 gram of lactose per 100 gram Plennyshake, but at average it contains around 0.7 gram of lactose per 100 gram Plennyshake.

I hope the answer suits you, if you have more questions, please let me know!

With kind regards,


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