I'm worried that Jimmyjoy will not survive the market with the new name. Let's brainstorm!

I saw! And it made me very happy. :slight_smile:

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Hey guys,

I never thought that I would weigh in on this name change but here I am! Just a quick disclaimer before continuing - I love the product and will continue buying it. Now on to some personal opinions from a huge fan (and marketer).

(1) Rebranding is not uncommon - of course you guys are the ones with the strategic direction and all.

(2) However, branding and positioning is a matter of perspective. And it’s from the customers’ perspective - not so much from the business side. You can put out whatever name, packaging, slogan; that’s under your control. But that’s where it ends! If your customers perceive it to be embarrassing or a bad idea, then that’s all that matters. Unfortunately.

(3) Fortunately, you guys can savage the matter by listening to what’s being said… instead of insisting that everyone is making a fuss out of nothing. You guys know best :slight_smile: There’s a simple reason for the buzz generated around the name. It has a negative, sexual connotation in some countries. Fact.

(4) When I told a friend that the jimmyjoy-plennyshake I’m drinking is now called Jimmy Joy, that sounded really wrong. Instead of sparking a continued conversation like, “oh wow that’s so cool, a meal replacement?” – it went like this “uh… what the… !!! ugh…”. Conversations about health and saving time (from good ol’ jimmyjoy-plennyshake times) give way to your loyal fans feeling embarrassed and alienated by having to use the new name of your product.

(5) After reading some other comments, I realised I’m not alone in still calling the powder “jimmyjoy-plennyshake”. Seriously, all we want to do is continue on with our meal replacement habit. The product is amazing, I take it everyday. But please show some empathy - who wants to be known as drinking something with a name associated with wangs? Especially NOT women, I guarantee you that.

(6) I’m also writing to say that I’m SO GLAD you guys came up with a nickname for Jimmy Joy - which is J2. I saw that on your social media. Great! At least I don’t have to revert to saying it out entirely. Or using the old name of jimmyjoy-plennyshake (since I fully respect your rebranding).

(7) I hope you guys keep on rocking. The community is strong - and I believe we all want J2 to get better and create even more wonderful products to save time and make life more joyful.

(8) I’m pretty sure this brand will continue to survive! There are many bigger brand “fails”. As mentioned many times, it’s a good product with a loyal fan base and consistent good reviews. The new name for their core meal replacement powder (from that naming competition) will definitely make life easier for existing customers.

See you around!


So glad this question was raised – the new name is pure evil. I’m not from an English speaking country, but immediate associations are child molesters, pedophiles, semen etc. I’ve already started to collect old packages so I can repackage the ‘Jimmy Joy’ into good old ‘jimmyjoy-plennyshake’ ones to save myself from embarrassment at work.

You guys are usually so great at designs and ideas, but this killer name really makes me wanna switch to another brand. Hope you might reconsider and save fellow users from a lot of shame.

Thanks for the update, Isabel (isabel?).

I’d love myself a JoyBoy, but that might be a little too flamboyant.
Guessing JuiceBags are too ambiguous.

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Here’s why I think the complaints about the new name are irrealistic:

Jimmy is only evocative of “penis” for a few selected users. Namely, those whose mother tongue is English. And even so, it could be a local thing.

I’ve been fluent in English for years, I’ve got a degree, I teach English, and I’ve never heard of it being synonymous with penis. For most people, Jimmy is short for James, and that’s about it.

JimmyJoy is not an English brand, it ships to dozen of countries, only a minority of which speak English. Even if the user base speaks English to be able to use the website, I’m pretty sure most of them aren’t plagued with visualizations of penises when they see the new name.

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the effect the “j**** j**” name (i can’t even write it) is having on me, is to seriously begin considering and buy from the competition

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whatever the reason was for changing the name, jimmyjoy-plennyshake was better, and the new one just basically sux
"Jimmy" in slang means “penis” (as someone else mentioned earlier already), also “JimmyJoy” is not catchy, too long unlike “jimmyjoy-plennyshake” or “Queal” if you know what I mean

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How about Joy¢ent? 100% Joy. I’d be very tempted to deviate as little as necessary to comply with the silly legal implications (they’re the ones who 1:1 ripped off Soylent Green). One character would be all I’d give them. And stylising ensures you can find the L if you want to.

Also Joyfuel sounds awesome.

I’m not crazy about the name either. It seems to be a silly name for a food product. J2 is more palatable for me and probably the greater population. People who really have a problem with Jimmy Joy(it doesn’t bother me if people laugh at the name, I like it when people laugh), you could tell yourself and others that it’s jimmyjoy-plennyshake 2

It must have been a tough process to change the name though, I don’t envy you haha

Indeed, this might sound horrible but I am seriously considering trying out alternatives. I am known as the jimmyjoy-plennyshake-guy around the office and the name change is causing nothing but laughs in best cases and looks of suspicion in others (often from females).

I would not care about the name, except that it has so many possible sexual references drawing the wrong type of attention to it.

Not cool, but I’m glad for the journey as long as it lasted, cheers!

/ the jimmyjoy-plennyshake guy

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I never liked the whole “joy” ans naive theme of jimmyjoy-plennyshake in the first place.
I almost find it disgusting.

The product itself is based on simplicity, pragmatism. But this “joy” thing is just silly considering the very fact of drinking jimmyjoy-plennyshake is considered sad or at beast weird by everyone around me.

It’s not because you slap “joy” everywhere you can that it will have an effect of the image of the product.

On the front page of your site it’s written :

everyone loves good food
but sometimes you want to save time, money or effort
so you can enjoy other things
for these moments there is: jimmyjoy-plennyshake.
Common it only makes me feel infantilized.
By itself it would not but with your graphical charter it definitely does.
Oh by the way I don’t love good food to begin with (while being french).
And everyone I know who does love good food would never ever consider drinking jimmyjoy-plennyshake, so I think one must already not really “loves good food” to ever consider being one of you client so that line is just striking me as silly at best.

The “joy” slapping and naive visual is nowhere near the reality of the product. In my opinion it’s why Soylent worked, its branding was consistent, streamlined visual, high contrast plain colors, emphasis on technology, modernity.
It’s socially viable, there is nothing to be ashamed of in their product. And the fact that I am ashamed tell great length since I would be considered at best asocial by most, and when it comes to food I’m total a alien.

Oh and about the naive theme, I am a fan of Adventure Time so it’s not itself the issue here.

I only went to jimmyjoy-plennyshake because of the inavailiability of Soylent in EU and because it sounded like it.
I understand that you tried to have an identity in a market that almost has the same product since its simplicity is the essence of it, but for me it failed.

When I say jimmyjoy-plennyshake was rebranded Jimmy Joy to even a french, they tells me it’s a weird name.

So I think the Jimmy Joy thing will put the last nail in the coffin, and I’ll go to BlendRunner to find something else. Probably Feed. that does understand its product principles.

Wow, that really sound like a ranting post. That was not my intentions, but I really like the concept of powdered food.
Still you don’t seem to comprehend that being socially acceptable is the most important thing for success. and since the product itself is what it is a powerful branding almost can’t interfere in the product quality.

So I just don’t understand why you are not admitting that the name “Jimmy Joy” was and is still a mistake. I mean it’s not like you didn’t recognized mistakes before.

And Again I want composite food to succeed for political reasons : while not being vegan (I don’t care much about animals if there is no unneeded cruelty) I know we must reduce drastically our consumption of meat protein and composite food is to me the most solid contender to make it happens since it doesn’t have the detrimental image of vegetarians, or even worse vegans and it even has the advantage of being most efficient, while I not like it, the society is almost drowned under neo-liberal symbolism, so that point is for me the best angle of attack of composite food. The ground is already prepared, why not use it ?

You have the efficiency the price, and the healthiness with you waste it with silly branding, it’s just, wrong.

I’m surprised no-one has mentioned Jimmy Savile yet.

Terrible name.

Just wanted to give you a heads up we renamed our shake’s name: it’s now called Plenny Shake! This will be the name shown on the packaging etcetera, so only the brand will still be named Jimmy Joy.

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+1 vote from me that the company name needs to change from Jimmy Joy to something else. I understand the jimmyjoy-plennyshake shake will now be called Plenny Shake. Why’d you change it? Probably because Jimmy Joy was a ridiculous name (in a bad way). If it was a bad name for the shake, it’s probably just as bad a name for the company. I would be embarrassed to tell someone I get meal shakes from a company called Jimmy Joy. I think this is the first time in my life I’ve ever cared about the name of a company. It never even occurred to me that it was possible that I care about a name. That’s how bad I think the name is…

Needless to say, I will no longer be recommending this brand to anyone. If anyone asks what I’m drinking, I will just tell them I’m drinking a “power shake.” If they ask about the brand, I’ll probably just shrug and say I use different brands or my own DIY mix.

I didn’t use the brand name a lot in conversation before, but I try to avoid it completely after the rebranding. I also use unflavoured Huel and have no problem whatsoever using that name in conversation.

I think Plenny Shake still sounds ridiculous, but it’s for sure better than JJ.


This is really happening, whenever people look at me drinking, they get interested in what is it, and ask the name to look for.
Whenever I tell the name, they can’t take seriously, they just can’t.

And that’s been happening in 3 countries that I work on, Hong Kong, Netherlands and Brazil. It for some reason, sounds like some sexual connotation. I don’t know what is it, but it does.

I just use “this is a meal replacement I use” and try to send the website like later.

Which is sad :frowning: because I love this product and would love people around me drinking it.

Even when you call it Plenny shake? :slight_smile:

No, the plenny shake is all good, actually I love the Plenny Shake name (PLEASE do not change that haha).
But the Jimmy Joy thing is always a bit weird.

Just wanna say that I love the name Jimmy Joy. Number one it’s kinda goofy, and I mean c’mon look at this website, clearly this is a company that doesn’t mind having a little fun with their image. I mean thats kinda their entire image, nutritional fun. Also, someone already said Jimmy Joy sounds like Jimmy John’s, which is a popular sub/sandwich place in America. So it immediately makes (most americans) think of food. Jimmy John’s also has a sense of humor with their company image, and one of their slogan’s is that its CRAZY FAST.

Jimmy Joy is a great name.