Results of the 2016 soylent Eaters Survey surprised me:

  • Few people have the need for a day-sized bag.
  • The category ‘as cheap as possible’ is important to many people, That’s not surprising, but the habits of consumer and Jimmy Joy’s competitors despite Plenny’s price point is doubly surprising if the ‘as cheap as possible’ category says anything about what’s in the public consciousness.
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Thanks for sharing! Interesting outcomes indeed.

For those interested in reading the results from the previous year, they can be seen here.

When the 2017 survey gets underway, I can imagine it being extremely helpful for producers, and give a good idea of how far the market can go.

Very interesting research!
Love the results in the packaging category.
I would also love single serving and bulk/multi -packets or a combination of this.
Very surprised that they only found 18% female consumers!
In my opinion JimmyJoy scores very well in all the factors that customers wish for (price, taste delivery etc.).
Lets get JimmyJoy in the top 3 for ‘Brand awareness and Competitive Environment’ for next year’s results!


Given their expansion to the US, I’m almost certain they’ll be top 3, very possibly top 2.