[X-Post] Really, it's okay. You can change the name twice

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I know it feels bad, having just committed to a name, and already put a lot of money into it, to then be told by your customers that the new name is shit and that you should change it again.

I know your first instinct must be to hunker down and say, “seriously, you just need to get used to it.” I know it’s painful and worse, embarassing, having put in all that effort to change your branding, to consider changing it again, right away.

But that’s a fallacy. The sunk cost fallacy.

You don’t want renaming your product to Jimmy Joy to have been a terrible decision. But what you want has absolutely no bearing on what is.

Imagine this had been your name from the beginning. Would you then be more willing to say, “okay, this is a terrible name, we’re gonna change it?” If so, then that’s the exact position you’re in right now. And I can assure you however bad it feels to change your name twice is nothing to how stupid you’ll feel when your marketing tanks.

What you did yesterday does not matter. When you last changed your name, and how much money you spent on rebranding, does not matter. Write it off. The only thing that matters is the position you find yourself in today.

Please, Team jimmyjoy-plennyshake. Reconsider.

[edit] What you really need is two pieces of information: would my customers buy jimmyjoy-plennyshake with this name, 1-5; would they recommend it with this name, 1-5. So at least run a customer survey, for Joey’s sake! You have all the email addresses of your buyers! There’s no excuse!