WTF Jimmy joy?!?

Man, I was really excited to find your company and use your product when I started with this a couple years ago. But boy has your customer service, and quality of product plummeted! To the point where I honestly feel like you’re a bunch of lying thieves. I’m happy that I was able to make a couple of big purchases to stock up on your old product, though I canceled my subscription. On October 15 I got a message from Ben, confirming that my subscription was canceled. A couple of days ago, you charged my credit card 570 some dollars. I’ve initiated a dispute with the credit card company, I’ve placed a vendor block so that you may not charge my card again.

I hope I don’t have to look into what sort of legal protections I may have to take, I hope you will just reverse the charge from your side immediately.

Hello, if you or we cancelled your subscription your card should not have been charged ofcourse. We will refund it first thing tomorrow. I will look into what went wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I have screenshots and header information from the email that I sent to your company canceling the subscription, I have the same information for the email that you sent me confirming the cancellation, and I can provide you with a screenshot of my account page which shows that the subscriptions were canceled. I’ll be happy to provide all of that if you really need it.

I was a very happy user too, but afraid to order the new formula.
Can’t you sell both formula’s?


I can understand your trepidation, about the best review we’ve heard so far is “It’s not too bad, as long as you ckoke it down quickly enough so it doesn’t get slimy.”


We’ve double checked with our customer care team and it seems like it was a technical error since the subscription was indeed manually cancelled by our team. We have refunded you for the full amount, our apologies for the inconvenience. Regarding the new formula: you can find more (positive) reviews here: - most people seem to really love it!


Once again, you’re being very disingenuous. You have not garnered over 10,000 reviews of the new formula. Any reviews you have posted on your website that were written prior to the new formula being released are pure fiction. You no longer supply the products that they’re reviewing.

After thinking about it for just a few seconds, I realize that the very fact that you still have reviews of the old formula posted when you are no longer selling that product speaks to the general integrity of your team. See, I think what happened, is you started off with a great product and a great team of people. Then as you begin to grow quickly, you didn’t have the sophistication to keep this thing profitably running. And since you have a nice niche in the market as being one of the most cost-effective 'lent products, and you didn’t want to give up that reputation, you created a less expensive product. you’re less expensive lower quality product is going to be the demise of your company.

Thank you for your feedback. It is clear to me that you are not a fan of the new formula and I’m sorry you feel that way. However, products are undergoing development, especially in a market that wants to be on the forefront of food tech. It is still Plenny Shake that customers are buying, with the same flavors and the same purpose of being a hassle-free nutritionally complete meals. Changes happen. You’re also under the impression that our new formula is less expensive, while it’s actually the other way around (aka less margin for us, but please name me one future food company that lowered their prices recently?)

Again, sorry for the inconvenience regarding the subscription charge, that shouldn’t have happened. We hope that with addressing this issue within 24 hours we can leave that behind us.

PS: We’re also working on an affordable high protein formula that is available for pre-order (US link):

Yeah, yeah, yeah…Do you not agree, that it’s disingenuous for you to have 10,000 reviews posted up regarding the old formula when you’re only selling the new? Do you not agree that you’re misleading your customers?

Nope I do not and I have given my reasoning in the previous answer :slight_smile: Closing this topic now. For further questions please feel free to email

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