Love the product but will never order again

Today i had to send this Email, after a back and forth About 133.89 Went Missing From My BANK ACCOUNT with no Idea of where it has gone. After talking to my Bank i Found out it was jimmyjoy-plennyshake.

Thought Other jimmyjoy-plennyshake Fans would be interested to Know why ill be looking somewhere else for Food replacement drinks.


I Don’t think you realise at all what you have done, As of Today my back account shows That you have take 3 Payments from me this month, Here is the Screen shot of my BANK that confirms it that I know you will ask for, As you did in our last Email.

If you would look at the first email i sent you, i said that i had suspected it to be the subscription service which i did indeed cancel the same day i had to Call my Bank to say i have £133.89 Missing from my account, But you System has failed to notify me of the subscription order being made, and also the lack of Subscription Order on my Account on your website, so this order is invisible to me. Frankly if you look at the correspondence between Myself and jimmyjoy-plennyshake you would see that all the problems I’ve had up until this more serious one has been over the lack of emails i have received notifying me of ANY problems, like lack of stock, or delay, or no vanilla.

As of today i have had £133.89 Pounds taken from my account and the company who has taken it treating me like I’m the idiot, well Sir/Madam ill have you know i have not PLACE 3 ORDERS, So You/Your System has taken 3 Payments from me, i wish to have the full lot returned to me, i would also like to cancel the order that was placed with you on the 7th of april (and as we already ascertained the money for that came out on the 13th of April) and i want my money back for that also As i placed it well over a month ago when you were having a two free bags of jimmyjoy-plennyshake offer and when i emailed to ask where that order is i was told 2 weeks well its been two weeks and i still haven’t heard anything about that order, and given this current Money Problem i am Throughly DONE with Your Company.

I am Expecting My £179.64 Back in my Account as soon as possible.
Just to make you aware of the person you have taken this Money off of, I am A Disabled person on Benefits, this money isn’t a Game for me this pays my bills and buys me food, i do NOT have the luxury of this being ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR FROM A COMPANY as i am now Struggling to Pay My Bills.

It is a Real Pity that given i love your product so much that you Admin has failed you so utterly and completely.

Danielle Lovesey

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Hi @Pookie,

We’re so sorry this happened to you. Unfortunately, you placed a subscription which is why we subtracted money from your account three times. One for the original order, and twice for the upcoming orders. We did sent you all the emails about your subscription but they might have ended up in your spam folder or so. These emails would have let you cancel the subscription as well. We now did this for you and canceled the subscription and the older order as well. The money has been refunded yesterday already, so it should be in your account within the following days.

If you have any more questions, you can of course always email us at

I love how i got more Details from posting on your Forum then in the Email i recieved,

And I Have Had 4 Lot lots of Money taken from me only one of which i was full aware of as i placed the order purposfully, so my understanding of this is i was charged twice for the April Order, and Twice for a may Subscription order
Why does you System Charge Twice for orders maybe look into that… or are you telling me that you have place a subscription for 2 months in advance…i still can only see Aprils order, no New ones, or do you not have them put up if they are subscription orders…

Also Maybe it would be wise that if someone has an outstanding order of over a month and a half and that you dont have stock for you dont issue yet another Order to people when you cant forfill them.

Yours sincerely
Danielle Lovesey