Problems with orders

Hola amigos,

I have decided to start this thread, since I have been having some problems with most of my latest orders. It also happened today - I have just received my last order, but instead of 3 coffee bags I have received 3 chocolate bags (not a huge fan). I have already written to support.

Before that, for example - I have used my points to get a T-shirt, but instead I got a shaker. I also had some bags missing in my different order. Of course customer support of Jimmy Joy is excellent (haha, Ben & Laura, you’re the best (I hope these were not generic names assigned by JJ)), since all these problems were always quickly solved. However, I almost feel bad writing to support, since this is happening so often.

I really like JJ, but this is not hassle-free food anymore and I am rethinking future orders.

Do you also experience these problems?

Hola Akolsek!

Uuuyy! I am so sorry you have witnessed so many of our mistakes :worried: but please, don’t feel bad to keep on emailing us! We will keep on finding the fastest solution and also, we are working on ways to avoid these mistakes from happening again and again.
I do understand that it would be ideal not to email us and just get your order as you wish it to be. As much as we want to offer the healthiest and most sustainable hassle-free food, also we want to improve our complete service.
We really appreciate your feedback and knowing this, also pushes us to get better.

PS: Ben and Laura are real :green_heart:

Ooo, so you are actually real :slight_smile: Thanks for all the solved problems.
I am actually surprised that there were no more replies to this thread and this was happening only to me.

I had some time this weekend to rethink. I understand that these mistakes can happen, so I will see if I am able to send back these bags or I will just try to use them even though the chocolate is not my favorite. However, for future orders I will probably cancel my subscription for now and maybe try again in few months.

I did not have many problems with orders, but I completely understand your feeling.
The customer support is super responsive and always solves the issue (thanks Ben&Laura!) but ideally it should not be necessary to contact the support in the first place.
I am sorry to say it but the subscription page is the worst online shopping experience I have encountered: you can set products to ship on the same date but they could be on different subscriptions or vice-versa you could set two different shipping dates for products in the same subscription (and in no way you can know the products in the different subscriptions). Totally counter-intuitive.

Hello there!

I sorry you’ve been dealing with so many issues… I’ve had some very small ones too. Like, tiny. But am SO happy to read that the customer service have been awesome with you because they are always ON POINT like, best customer service ever !

Be sure to reaaaally double or triple check your “manage subscription” page :slight_smile: And yes, that page is quite counter intuitive and a bit slow. …