4 Bags Missing AGAIN


I ordered 30 bags (strawberry), only 26 received. This is the second time (R289789860) it happened . And now I am doubting if it also happened in previous orders.

I am very disappointed in you. And of course I do not trust in you any more.

Thank you,

jimmyjoy-plennyshake is the cheapest soylent (powdered food) I found. Maybe that’s because they don’t double check your order and you have to check it yourself? :wink:

I’ve had an incomplete order one or two times myself. Not too big of a problem since they will always sent the missing items after you e-mail them. But yeah… it would kind of be better if they did it right the first time. But o well, first world problems… at least we got food :slight_smile:

Oh no :pensive: I’m sorry to hear this has happened to you twice already. If I’m correct, we have just spoken to each other by email to get this sorted already. Let us know if there’s anything else we can still help you with!

Maybe it is because they do not double check the orders. And of course I will check it every time from now. I also recommend everyone to do so.

In my case, they will refund me. That is not the problem, if I buy n bags, I expect to receive n bags (I am so special). And no having to check it and wasting time sending emails and responding people like you in forums.