Missing bag and slow shipping

Hi, new customer here

Today i was finally able to pick of my (very belated) jimmyjoy-plennyshake package.

The packaging was nice and everything, however the vanillia bag that I had ordered was no where to be found. The order list that was included with the package even had it listed, which is a bummer because I’m a big vanilla fan.

Not only did the shipping get delayed but you also missed a bag, that I have ordered AND paid for. As a new customer, I am really dissapointed in your service and overall way of handling things. This is not a good first impression at all.

Sincerely, a very unhappy customer.

Hi there,

Oh no! We’re so sorry your order took longer than expected, and is missing a bag of vanilla too :frowning: I understand that’s disappointing. Please email us at love@jimmyjoy.com, so we can make it up to you.

  • Isabel, jimmyjoy-plennyshake’s customer care

Heya! Isabel is on the CS forum team! Good to know. :slight_smile: I’ve given you the perks of being a wallfl- jimmyjoy-plennyshake CS team member, up to and including the fancy title and badge.

*Creeps away from this topic again.* Slowly. And with a scary face. No; scarier. Bit more… That’s it! Now: back on topic!

Today this also happened to my girlfriend…in her last order one bag (coffee) was missing. We have already contacted support, I hope this will be solved soon.

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Sorry to hear that, glad you already contacted us!