On questions regarding your order

Please, send jimmyjoy-plennyshake an email at the address that can be found at the bottom of this message, with any and all questions you might have, regarding your order specifically.

An example will be given: "When will my order arrive?"
Another example will be given: “Kindest of kind Customer Support people, I would like to remove the third jimmyjoy-plennyshake Vegan Vanilla bag from my order. What do?”

An example of a question that is meant for the CS Category on these forums will also be given: “Hel[ Jotlent is in my eye and i don;t know hoe to type or rrmove it!”

Lately, just too many people are asking questions of which the answers are not interesting for others. Please avoid asking these questions on the forums as much as possible. Hit me a PM when you’ve got any questions.



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