Ingredients of the Reusable Pot

Hey JimmyJoy,
I’m wondering what the ingredients are of the reusable jimmyjoy pot used to make the meals in.
I’m sure as a very health-conscious product, there could be alternatives developed to plastics for this, especially when these plastics are mixed with acidics and heated? Plastic solvents (both BPA as newer, BPA-free variants) are proven bad for health and should be avoided.
Are you able to come up with a glassware alternative?

This is your solution: Classic Legendary Insulated Food Jar + Spork | 14 OZ | Stanley – Stanley 1913

Or IKEAs cheaper version: Food vacuum flask, EFTERFRÅGAD, stainless steel, 0.5 l - IKEA


First of all, we are currently looking into alternatives for the Reusable Plenny Pot, not likely in a glass version, but stainless steel probably as it looks now, but nothing is set in stone yet. We’re on it, but that will take a while.

For the current Reusable Plenny Pot, it is made from BPA free plastic and the tests for safety to see if it can end up in the product itself are of course done, those migration tests are mandatory and we wouldn’t want it any other way naturally.
It’s found to be safe, tested in the microwave and dishwasher as well.

If you would like to share the links for us to where you found BPA-free variants would be proven to be bad for our health, we would love to receive that and have that checked internally for a follow up on that back to you.

Thanks in advance! :green_heart:

Hey there,

Thank you for that info. I’m however no longer interested in anything from your brand, as you apparently use artificial sweeteners. There is no need for those as a small amount of honey/sugar/natural sweeteners is MUCH safer and healthier. Sucralose may seem harmless, but countless research shows meanwhile that certain gut bacteria transform this into cancer-rich byproducts. Of course it will be decades if not longer before the lobby loses their power by promoting research that is in their favour and shows only half of the picture. Fact remains, any form of artifical anything is bad for you. Natural sweeteners in small amounts is harmless. Natural sweeteners do not cause diabetes nor overweight, its the mass amount people eat them in that does.
So, good luck on your journey learning about all that.

Kind regards

Fact remains, any form of artifical anything is bad for you.

Just letting you know, that this is a religious statement rather than a factual one. Its completely fair to be regligious, but you shouldnt attempt to sell it as science.

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Im very much an atheist, so based on the fact you dont know anything about me, you felt i could be right, and then you judged me badly.
Imagine now that i actually have scientific experience and know what I’m talking about.
You can simply use google scholar, type sucralose danger and voila, you will find plenty of recent scientific papers on the matter.
Truly hope you arent going to take this personally, when you have the chance to improve knowledge. Maybe consumers are ignorant, but atleast it could be a conscious choice for you.

I’m afraid you’re missing the point, I have no interest in your religious beliefs. What I’m saying is, that the statement about everything articial being bad for you is just flat out wrong, and is as dogmatic as any religion.

Are some artifical foodstuffs unhealthy in certain amounts? Sure! But that’s also the case for a lot of natural foodstuffs. Are some artificial foodstuffs more healthy than some natural ones? Absolutely! Dogmas are almost never based on science, because nothing in the real world is that simple!

And let’s try not to get into a penis-measurement over who’s the best at using gogol scholar, that’s neither here nor there.