Neutral Discontinued. Gutted

Recently discovered the joy of Neutral with own-mix of fruit. More enjoyable natural flavouring.

Gutted it’s being discontinued. That’s all.


You’re in luck! We had many responses from our customers about the Neutral being discontinued - although it was our least selling product it seems to have gotten quite the following - so we customer care guru’s talked to the team and we have decided to bring the Neutral back! Yay! However, it will become an Active variety, only available in 2,3 kg bags :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


That is positive news. Not concerned on big bag size.
Does ‘active’ mean the nutrient levels will be different? Or do you just mean it will be like active in bag size?

The formula will be a little bit different too, in accordance with the Active nutrient profile :slight_smile:

Awesome that you’re bringing it back. It’s the only one I can drink that doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste, and the only one without sweeteners. Neutral in the big bag is something I’ve been wanting for a while as well, nice.


What is the time frame for US availability?

I have been getting 80-90% of my calories from this product for several years and I do not want to stop.

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We’ll have the new Neutral available here within a couple of weeks, but we don’t have an ETA for the US yet - sorry :frowning:



Just joined the forum to say I’m happy the neutral version is coming back. That’s the one I liked most from all the flavors :slight_smile:

So thanks!

Even better, it will be back in a week or so!

Does the Active version still contain creatine monohydrate, beta-alanine, glucosamine sulfate, and acetyl L-carnitine?

No, it does not. That was the old ‘sport’ version. The active contains more protein than ‘regular’ Plenny shake, less sugar and comes in bigger bags.
You can find more info about them here


It’s out of stock :frowning:
It’s the only one I like as I don’t like sweeteners.
Is there a way to get notified when I can buy it and have delivered to Germany?

Neutral isn’t out of stock, Chai is though!