New article: 172 health benefits in one meal!

Fun fact: in the EU, companies aren’t allowed to make health claims if that health claim is not backed up by research from European Food Safety Authority. So we checked our Plenny formula against the research of the EFSA to see how many health claims we can boast, and guess what?

It’s a whopping 172!

That’s right, our meals contain 172 health benefits. mic drop

Since you’re subscribed to our love letter, you know we like to throw around terms like ‘nutritionally complete’ or ‘optimal nutrition’ to describe our products. But what does that even mean?! Do we just make that stuff up to sound smart and interesting?

Actually, it means that we use the latest research from the World Health Organization and the European Food Safety Authority as the foundation for our products’ formulas. These organizations research the subject of optimal nutrition non-stop, and make sure the studies are as up-to-date as humanly possible.

It also means that, with the blessing of the EFSA, we can now boast 172 health benefits!

Now that’s what we call ‘nutritionally complete’ (emoji)

Check out all 172 health benefits now:


I love all the Jimmy Joy products I’ve tried so far!
Does every product contain the same amount of every nutrient or are there slight differences?

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Thanks! good to hear you are enjoying our products. There is some difference per product but in essence they are all equally nutritious.