No shirt - Your promise is false

There have been months. You have promised me a shirt but no shirt came. Can you fix this please ? My size is XL

Hi Conny! Of course mistakes happen, we get hundreds of messages everyday and sometimes we miss something or there’s some miscommunication about something or the other. Of course this shouldn’t be an excuse, but I hope you understand we’re not making ‘false promises’. If you could email us at we’ll fix that for you! (I don’t know who you are :wink: )

My size is XL (Extra large, unless you measure in a different way, then measure in centimetre what XL is)

PS: I was trying to post a new thread about something completely different but I was disallowed. Why?! I can’t start a thread in any of your forums. Please fix.

PS: I can’t click “new topic”! Why?! This will cause thread pollution.

hi Conny, did you email us about the shirt?

Could you show me what you mean with a screenshot? How are you disallowed?

This is a bit off topic but I ordered a Jimmy Joy T-shirt when the Plenny pots were released and I thought that it’s the t-shirt with the cool design on the back but actually it was the one with just a Jimmy Joy logo… In product selection I didn’t see a picture of the back side and thought that it’s odd but still went forward.

My question is, I participated in the vote to pick out the best T-shirt design (my pick was the design based on The Creation of Adam) but another (cool) design won. How can I even get that T-shirt if you send out T-shirts without that design?