Jimmy Joy T-Shirt?

I just saw the pillows on Instagram and they look amazing.

Can we have t-shirts please? (it would be good for marketing too :wink:)


I want one!! :)) (Both a pillow and t-shirt). :wink:

Ping @olivia / @isabel and possibly @TheYsconator :smiley:

I think Max already knows who I am :wink:

With Joy and Love,

Some Jimmy Joy merch would definitely be cool! We did give away a few t-shirts in a contest last year though. The pillows are actually huuugh (check out the shaker next to it, and how small it is), but who knows we can do some sort of competition to win one of these in the future :smiley:

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I want to hug that pillow for the rest of my life :sob: :joy:

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Aw! Who knows we’ll have them available for purchase or to win some time :blush: