Still no tshirt

I was promised a tshirt of size XL. Month later I still don’t have it. I have done a purchase a few minutes ago. This would be the time to give my what was promised. Maybe an extra one because I’ve waited for months!

Edit: Here you go: No shirt - Your promise is false
Who saves screenshots of their purchases?! Are you going to be like youtube and demand a channel link when you know you can’t get that channel link because you’re suspended (for making a joke!!).

I can send you the emails as proof.

Hey @conny , we believe you! Would you please be so kind to email us at so that we can look into your account & shipments? We’ll make sure that you receive your T-Shirt :slight_smile:

Hi @conny ! We are very sorry you haven’t received your t-shirt yet. As Otto said, please send us an email with the subject NO T-SHIRT so we can spot it fast and check what happened in your previous orders. We will solve this! :sunglasses: