Please fix your shipping costs!

Hi there,
I ordered to Switzerland (not european union), and once again I am shocked about the horrendous shipping costs you add to the orders!

Fun fact: if I do multiple smaller orders, I pay less shipping costs in total – rather than doing 1 large shipping… So another hint that your shipping costs are just “magic” and not real costs calculated by to where you ship & how much the delivery is weighting.

Thanks for looking into this,

Hi Oliver, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll look into it and think of a solution for the problem. Thanks for staying sharp and helping us with good feedback!

For the delivery which just arrived yesterday in Switzerland by Swiss Post package, I will have to pay an additional 40 EUR when picking it up (usually this is caused by either too low stamps or additional customs taxes due to wrongful value declaration of the goods). I‘m wondering of course, why I have to pay delivery costs when ordering when they double up in my country again…

I will follow up with the details on this matter, once I was able to pickup the delivery.

Hi Oliver! Sorry to hear that, but that’s because you’re ordering from the EU, which Switzerland is not a part of. So there’s import fees on top of shipping costs (which are completely separate from any extra fees due to shipping outside of the EU). We have a disclaimer on our website, at the top of the page where we discuss shipping costs:

So sorry that this wasn’t clear, please keep us updated on your delivery!

Hi @Tim and thanks for the followup, explanation and the - helpful - link! Indeed I never noticed a link to it while ordering.

So my question is, in order to make this added VAT more visible for ordering, if you couldn’t add estimated VAT costs based on the “shipping to country xy” as an indicator on the checkout in terms of total costs to expect for a delivery? That would be an awesome feature!

Btw. I was confused about the VAT in Switzerland with my last delivery (<20kg) , because the one before that (>40kg) didn’t have additional VAT on it - and I know it was delivered by a transportation partner instead of post mail.

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