Plenny Shake v3.0 - Subscriptions and potassium content

Will existing subscriptions of Plenny Shake v2.1 be switched to v3.0 automatically? If so, when will it happen and will grandfathered pricing be affected?

Also, user d.langelaan kicked off a discussion about the potassium content in Plenny Shake here: Way too little potassium

As far as I can see, you decided not to change anything about the potassium content in 3.0. Could you explain why?

Yes, all subscriptions have already been switched to 3.0 and all ā€˜grandfatheredā€™ prices are still effective!

The potassium question will be answered by our R&D team shortly!

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Hello Catrodus!

Since some micro nutrients need to be premixed before being incorporated to the vitamin and mineral mix, for the formulation of this to be homogeneous, the potassium levels where decided on the basis of the daily reference intakes established by EFSA (2000 mg a day). Keep in mind that potassium is present in a vast amount food sources, therefore track and monitor your diet to be varied and adequate to your personal needs.

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Yeah, a note about thatā€¦ it seems that ā€˜grandfatheredā€™ price disappears if you ever increase the bag count. So for anyone still benefitingā€¦ worth keeping in mind.

Yeah, but thatā€™s not supposed to happenā€¦ If your ā€˜grandfatheredā€™ prices change because of any changes in the subscription, please email us so we can put back the prices for you <3

Sorry for the inconvenience, weā€™re aware of the issue!

Ahh, okay cool. Good to know. Thanks!

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