We will raise the price of the Plenny Shake

Sorry to inform that our current price is not sustainable going into 2019. We will have to outsource more of our production due to growth in demand and invest in our production facility. Also the new formula is more expensive for us to produce, the Dutch government raised taxes with 3%, some suppliers and all distributing partners raised prices too. The price will be 7,- EUR per bag which is EUR 1,40 per meal for first time purchases.

This will at first only influence one off purchases starting from the 1st of March. The subscription price will remain the same so that existing customer have a change to lock themselves in at old prices. After that the prices for subscriptions of new customers will increase similarly.

Hope you understand and thank you for being our customer (L)

Will this rise apply to the big bags too?


The Big Bags are already priced accordingly for the most part. Though hey will rise with 1,- EUR over the 25 meals, so will go from EUR 34,- to 35,-.


Understandable - and since none of us “grandfathers” are affected by it… I’d be surprised to see pitchforks in the air. I would’ve stuck around even if there was no grandfather price, the perks I get for being a “time traveler” is impressive enough (besides the amazing product(s) and customer service), but I’m thankful there is one :slightly_smiling_face:


The FAQ says that changing Plenny Shake quantities will not affect the price. Will it be possible to change flavors (within the normal Plenny Shake flavors) without losing the grandfathered price? For example, if I had a subscription now for five bags of Vanilla, and wanted to change it to ten bags of Chocolate after the price change.

(I ask because several flavors are out of stock on the US site.)

Hey, good question. That is technically not possible iam afraid. If you add products you can only select the new prices. I asked my colleague to give an ETA on US resupply.


Good question about the US stock, the current ETA for the re-stock is - although depending on Customs as well - March 13th.
We will give our US customers a bit more time before the price hike will be applied so that you’ll have sufficient time to set the subscription with your favourite Plenny Shakes.

Awesome! Thanks JJ team.

Is there any update on expected date for re-stocking? And/or any plans to prevent the cycle of “new shipment -> sell out -> out of stock for weeks at a time” that seems to keep happening on the US website?

Hi, great question!

Yes, next re-stock has arrived and is currently being unpacked in the (LA) warehouse!
Another shipment with the Twenny Bars is underway and a new re-stock of the NY warehouse will arrive at the beginning of April.

We are, of course, doing everything to prevent selling out directly after the restock again. The thing is that we were not able to produce enough to keep up with the EU demand, next to that we had to send the stock to the USA as well. Therefore we couldn’t send as much as we like.

But: explaining this won’t make the Plenny Shake availability any better. What I can say is that we are currently expanding our production, increasing stock and we will soon be ready to ship more to the US. So, yes we are definitely planning to prevent the out of stock cycles.

TLDR: Restock is being unpacked, next shipment to NY is on the ocean, we are increasing our production and will stop the “out of stock-cycle”.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Will the current re-stock include the lovely Vanilla and Strawberry flavors? I am very sad and have been resorting to ice cream in an attempt to replace them.

Yes, of-course the current re-stock is also including the great Vanilla and Strawberry. I expect to have them both back in stock by the end of today. Tomorrow at the latest.


To piggyback on a previously asked question, I know to add products, we will see the new price increase. But to change flavors, will we still be locked in at the subscription price? When changing my next subscription, I only changed flavors, but it is reflecting the new price increase (US).

I’m worried because I cancelled my current subscription, and added a new one with new flavors, but the Vanilla is out of stock today. Please advise.


Now that Vanilla is back in stock, I’d like to add it to my subscription. However, adding flavors to an existing subscription gives the new price ($8.50 less 15%, $7.22 per bag), while the product/new subscription page shows the old price ($8.50 $6.38). I believe this is what Tayloreq is seeing as well. Would it be possible to extend the lower price to flavors added to existing subscriptions? I don’t want to cancel my subscription and create a new one because I am about to receive a shipment and don’t need more right now.

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Hi @jwlarocque and @Tayloreq I see that you are correct and I made a mistake on the information I gave you on the price increase.
Since I told you that it would be able to change and keep the old price I would like to add a discount to your current subscription.

Can you please send me the email that you used on your subscription (DM or maarten@jimmyjoycom) so I can add the discount?
Sorry and thank you.

Exactly! I created a new subscription when I saw chocolate and banana available. But it arrived too quickly and now I have too many bags lol. The last one I need to add is vanilla and I’ll have every flavor! If the discount isn’t applied, I’ll need to wait again to create a new subscription, before I’m bombarded with shakes.

If a new flavor comes out after the actual price increase…#dead

Hi again,

Just replied to your PM’s with a solution. Thanks for being a subscriber!

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