Price increase on the 17th of February

We hate to be bearers of bad news, but unfortunately today we had to put our bear suit on and tell you what’s up.

Ever since we set out to create the healthiest, tastiest, easiest, and most affordable meals in the world in 2014, our goal has been to give you the highest quality for the best price possible. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the prices for everything we need to create your favourite meals have gone up significantly.

We’ve held it off for as long as possible, but starting February 17th, 2022 our prices will slightly change . To keep delivering the high-quality nutritious meals you know and love, this is a step we must take.

We wrote a blog post to explain why we had to make this tough decision:

*EDIT: Sorry about the confusion and thanks for the feedback. We updated the blog to reflect pricing per package. We also added the pricing in pounds.

How will this affect grandfathered prices?

Hi @emilio, if you are one of the select few that’s still been with us since the start and are in the legacy pricing from before 2019 - this will not affect your pricing as we made a promise back then :heart:. However, the subscriptions WILL automatically be updated on the 17th, so please reach out to us after if you’d like us to amend those changes.


What are the actual prices of the products going to be?

I understand the current situation is not the best with prices increasing to everyone, but that’s a pretty steep increase.

I spend 205€ every two months and now that will be 237€. Just wow.

I’m very confused because your new prices list the Plenny shake as 1.35 euro per meal for a subscription, which is £1.12, but your current offer is £1.19 per meal (at least according to the calculation on the store page)? But it says it is increasing? What is the actual price of the products please

Yes, this. I can understand the price increase. It sucks but it sucks for everyone. What i dont understand is not communicating the new prices clearly. I don’t buy one meal, i buy a package. What’s the new price on that? Do you expect me to calculate it myself? And nowhere in the email you communicate the current prices. As a customer i have no frame of reference for this increase. Do the prices go from 38,50 for Plenny Active to 50? 100? 39,50? Who knows!

I’m EXTREMELY confused by this as well and waiting for JJ to give an answer. It doesn’t help that when I login to the EU right now it says a Plenny shake meal is €1,19 but if you’re in the UK it’s £1.19. It seems to me that they’re going to start charging people in the UK £1.35, not the equivalent of €1.35 which would be £1.12 as you said.

Hey all,

Sorry about the confusion and thanks for the feedback. We updated the blog to reflect pricing per package. We also added the pricing in pounds.

Please let us know if there is anything still unclear.


This doesn’t really answer Folksriker and my question, though: your new price says a meal is £1.12 on subscription. On the JJ website right now it says a meal is £1.19 on subscription. What gives?

Thank you for updating the blog to make things a bit clearer on other points being raised here, though

It seems our currency converter for the subscriptions does not work properly. I got in touch with our developers to see what the issue is. Hopefully, we can resolve it fast.

This means you are currently paying:

  • £0.99 per meal on a Plenny Shake v3.0 subscription.
  • £1,17 on a Plenny Shake v3.0 non-subscription, single purchase.

The correct NEW pricing in pounds is:


Thank you Nino, that must be why I was confused!

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I have a question about prices (in euro at least) - will they look exactly like in the post you’ve shared or will the numbers be rounded? They look a bit weird to me rn :sweat_smile: (i mean per package, not per meal)

As for the topic - this is completely understandable, and your transparency only makes you look even cooler to your customers💛

Hahah thanks for your understanding! :green_heart:

The prices as they are above, will be the prices per the 17th, so no further rounding is done on those no.


What about in USD?

The new prices for the US are as below:


Thank you!
That’s not too bad.


I just activated a subscription and got a mail about that. This generic mail (not the order mail) contains an old price (“Imagine being wherever you are right now, realizing you’ve just bought a box full of 100% nutritionally complete meals starting as low as €1,19.”).
You might want to change that as well :slight_smile:

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Ohhhh, good spot, I have forwarded this to the people that have to power to change that :wink:
Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


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