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Fell in love with JimmyJoy, but I am afraid of prices will increase one day and it will break my heart for sure

It just feels too good to be true… I know that as long as 1 meal of PlennyShake cost as much as milk in my country (1.19€) I can afford it and be happy about it. I can finally save some money and still be healthy, I can save my time in kitchen and it doesn’t take that long to drink 400kcal meal. That amazing feeling when I wake up and was always tired of doing breakfast and starving till I am finally done making it because I got a PlennyShake in my fridge always ready to drink. The only think that can take away this happiness is for sure one of my biggest nightmares which is increasing prices… That’s why please guys don’t break my and all other people’s hearts by doing it… I do not expect JimmyJoy products to be cheaper but please don’t make them more expensive :frowning:

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Now I am afraid that no answer only means one thing… Prices will go up sooner or later

It is hard to keep the prices stable since they depend on external factors (shipping costs, manufacturing costs, ingredients costs) that can vary.

Jimmyjoy has always been one of the most competitive ones out there so there’s nothing but to trust they keep the prices as low as they can. If not, you can find other brands that offer cheaper deals. But there are not many.

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Thank you! Our mission is to improve people’s health through their diet. To achieve that we need to be affordable.


@Koningsbruggen If prices do increase again, will it change for those with grandfathered pricing on subscriptions from last time?

There are no plans to change the price.