Plenny Shake 3.0 in USA

Hello, I’m relatively new to the Jimmy Joy products and have been using them for about a month now for 2 meals a day. I really enjoy the product, and it has helped me avoid caving into cravings I get around lunch time at work. I just signed up for my first subscription today! I know that the Plenny Shake 3.0 recently became available for purchase in European countries, but I was wondering when the USA store will switch from the v 2.1 to v 3.0 shake. Also, when that switch happens will my subscription price increase?

I am very interested in the lower amount of sugar as well as the toned down B12 content in the new version.

Also, as a side note I have seen people in this form mention an experimental pizza bar. Is this something that is exclusive to the European test market or to dedicated subscribers?

Any info would be great! Thanks!

hi there, and welcome to the Jimmy Joy forum!

Glad to hear our products work well for you, that’s great :smiley: The V3 is on its way as we speak, but we’ll first will try to get rid of the v2.1 stock, so it will probably be another couple of weeks - at least.

The Pizza bar, once we’ve launched it in Europe, will definitely also became available in the US! But this will probably not happen before Q4.

Thank you, @Tim. I appreciate the answer and I look forward to some of the new products that are being tested in the European market.

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We’re pretty excited about them, can’t wait to launch them in the US! :smiley:

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