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Plenny Shake V3 - removed maltodextrin

You managed to remove all of the maltodextrin?
That means people who had a hard time dealing with the artificial sweetener taste will be able to drink Plenny now?
I take it there are no other artificial sweeteners in the new formula?

Yes we did remove it :smiley:

But we still use sucralose as sweetener.

I tried the new V3 formula this week, and I must honestly say, that it tastes a LOT less sweet than before, and a lot more consistent with a drink you expect from a low sugar content.

It still is sweet by all means, but it feels healthier and more “full” of stuff, big thumbs up here from my side =)

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So happy to hear that! :smiley: Glad we changed the formula for the better <3

Does anyone know how much sucralose is in a plenny shake?

The EU safe level of sucralose is 15mg per kg body weight per day. This safe level has been made up with caution in mind and no effects have been reported in levels as much as 1,500mg/kg/day.

Is it below the 15mg if I have a shake for breakfast and lunch?

Thank you!

The approximate amount of sucralose per pouch (5 plenny shake meals) goes around .07g depending on the flavor. This is far away from amounts that can even be considered high/risky/toxic, so we are more than okay :slight_smile:

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Wow. Thank you Tim. Not even worth thinking about at such low levels.

EDIT! The amount of sucralose per bag is actually 0.14 g because we now sell 10-meal bags instead of 5! So 0.14g of sucralose per 1kg of product :slight_smile:

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